It is already perfect; it cannot be improved upon. The very idea of improving it is egoistic; it is the cause of our misery. It is the way it is - there is no need to improve it. Enjoy it!

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This is the body of that and that is the soul of this. I Am That: Discourses on the Isha Upanishad A mystic used to live under a tree, and he saw for years a woodcutter coming every day, an old man. When you wanted to cry and weep you still smiled. The ordinary religions live on condemning this world; by condemning this world they praise the other world. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Absolute is found only when you have dropped all knowledge; all scriptures are burned, all theories are rejected, the mind itself is put to sleep.

Time and death are the same; to live in time means to live in death. THAT represents the absolute, the ultimate, the further shore; this represents upansihad immediate, the herenow, this shore.

It has a relative reality. When you come close to a flame, the flame is surrounded by golden light. You can have great powers of deceiving; they will not be able to see how you are doing it — how you are materializing a Swiss watch out of the air they will not be able to see. He had never seen him leave his tree. Meditation helps you to get rid of the mind, and when there is no mind you can pray, but that prayer will have a totally different quality to it.

Remember all that has been done to you by others so that you can uncondition yourself. Akbar was in his small prayer house isua he has made inside his palace. Help me — withdraw your brilliance. When you wanted to rebel you obeyed, because rebellion can lead you into danger, obedience is respectability. Prashant Singh rated it really liked it Feb 24, Then who am I? They can help you to become more powerful as far as body is concerned, mind is concerned.

You have never dared to be just yourself. For ten thousand years thousands of people in the East have become enlightened, and they have changed the very structure of Sanskrit language. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

And all were surprised that he has become suddenly rich. If it is illusory, it is illusory. Directly, indirectly, we emphasize the fact so much that it becomes a conditioning. Everything that was possible for me I have done, and this is what I have attained to — great light, great benediction, great bliss, but still I feel that this is just the outermost part of your being.

He went ahead and round a copper mine, and he was immensely pleased. You have not been true. Hence true religion will be closer to the Upanishads than to Shankaracharya, than to Mahavira, it will be far closer to the Upanishads. Just go a little ahead and you will find a copper mine, and that will be enough. The w hole day he will cut wood and sell the wood, and then too it was difficult to feed himself, his wife and children.

This is a way of converting, exploiting poor people, exploiting their poverty. Without Women — No Buddhas And the beauty is that if you have meditated well prayer comes on its own accord, there is no need to teach it. The whole humanity has become suicidal. Hence we separate the boys from girls. Everything is changing, fluxlike; it is momentary. The prayer is now that: Ordinarily we are continuously pushing the river, fighting the river, trying to go upstream.

Their approach is whole: Not Enabled Word Wise: They may be thinking that they are doing something good, something great; they may be thinking that they are helping their children to become good people. They renounce the world.


It is Already the Best

The concept "Isha" exhibits monism in one interpretation, or a form of monotheism in an alternative interpretation, referred to as "Self" or "Deity Lord" respectively. Enveloped by the Lord must be This All — each thing that moves on earth. With that renounced, enjoy thyself. Covet no wealth of any man.


I Am That: Discourses on the Isha Upanishad



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