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Single Choice a. All customizing settings are client independent b. A client has unique set of applcn data c. A client has its own repository objects d. SAP recommends modification only if customers business meets cannot be me by customizing enhancement techs or customer dev d.

All the above 9 Which of the following statements is correct in regard to the customizing? Customers can develop new repository objects using tools in the ABAP workbench. All of the above 11 Which of the following statements is correct in regard to critical client roles as recommended by SAP? Customizing changes can be made in any client b. Unit testing should take place in the customizing and dev client 12 Which of the following activities should not be performed within a system landscape?

Dev changes are mad directly in the PRD client d. Changes are assigned to a specific role 13 Which of the following benefits does the 3-system landscape recommended by SAP have?

If a client allows for changes to client dependent customizing, the client should also allow for changes to Client independent customizing objects d. All of the above. One client should allow for the automatic recording of client dependent customizing and client independent changes. It should allow changes to client independent customizing, but not repository objects b.

It should automatically record all changes to customizing settings c. It should not allow changes to client dependent and client independent customizing settings d. It should allow for all changes, but not require recording of changes to change request.

It is not optimal because 2 is limited opportunity to test the transport of changes from the DEV system to the PRD system b. It allows for changes to Customizing in the PRD system c. All of the above 18 Which of the following statements is correct in regard to Phase implementation? Management of different repository objects can be managed using name spaces, and name ranges for the repository objects c. SAP provides different tools to aid the roll-out of a global template.

The customizing organizer and the workbench organizer are tools used to view, create and manager change request b. A change request is a collection of tasks where developers and people performing customizing record the changed they make. All changes made as a result of IMG activities are recorded to customizing change requests. Releasing change requests Viewing import queues Viewing log files generated by both the export process and the import process Initiating the import process 23 Which of the following statements is correct after you have successfully imported change request into the quality assurance system?

The change requests must be released again to be exported to the production system. The data files containing the changed objects are deleted from the transport directory c. The change requests need to be manually added to the import queue of the production system d. The change requests are automatically added to the import queue of the production system. They are sequenced according to their change request number.

They are sequenced in the order in which they were exported from the development system c. They are sequenced according to the name of the user who released the requests d. They are not sequenced by default, but arranged in a variety of ways using the TMS 25 Which of the following techniques can be used to transfer application data between two PRD systems? User master data can be transported in a change request b. A specific client copy option enables you to distribute user master data together with authorization profile data d.

User master data included all user logon information, including the definition of authorizations and profiles 28 Which of the following clients should u copy to create new clients and ensure that all data from post installation processing is also copied?

Client b. Client c. Client 29 Which of the following is not a SAP recommended strategy for setting up a system landscape? A system copy is the easiest set of strategy recommended by SAP d. Releasing every task in the change request c. Verification of the contents of the change request by the system administrator d. Unit testing the change request. Single Choice. The change request has been released after unit testing.

The change request has been successfully imported into the QAS system c. Even if the import process is automatically scripted a technical consultant or system admin should revise the result of the import c. The project leader should manually add a change request to import queue of the QAS system d. Change request are imported in the same sequence that they were exported from the DEV system 36 Which of the following is SAPs recommendation on how to rush an emergency correction into the PRD system?

Make the changes directly in the PRD system b. Make the change and use a client copy with change request to distribute the changes into PRD d. Make the change in the QAS system and transport using preliminary import 37 Which of the following transport activities is not typically the responsibility of the system admin?

Verifying the success of import process c. Releasing the change request d. Assisting in solving either export or import errors 38 Which of the following does SAP provide a customer support? Must be unique for each system in the system landscape c. Can start with a number d. Cannot be used directly on the OS level d. Depends on the settings of the transport profile 42 The transport profile? Contains comments and parameter settings that configure the transport control program TP c.

Is managed from within TMS as of release 4. Only the customer name range should be modifiable in production systems. If the global change option is set to not modifiable, it nevertheless possible to make changes in certain name spaces or clients that has their change option set to modifiable. The global change option should always be set to not modifiable for the quality assurance system and the production system.

They They They They all share the same transport directory are managed centrally using TMS belong to the same transport group must run on the same operating system and database platform 46 Which of the following statements is correct in regard to the domain controller? Single Choice A. It should never be the production system due to the high system load that the domain controller causes 47 Which of the following statements are correct in regard to the TMS? Answers 2 Correct A. It needs to be initialized only on the transport domain controller B.

It needs to be initialized only on the transport domain controller and the backup domain controller C. It must be set up before you can set up transport routes 48 Which of the following statements are correct in regard to the RFC destinations for TMS connections? They are generated automatically when a transport route is created B.

They must be established manually before you can use the TMS D. They are generated during the TMS initialization process E. By configuring transport routes C. It is defined by an integration system and a consolidation system, and is associated with a transport layer B.

It is created in the TMS by defining only an integration system and a consolidation system C. It is not necessarily required in a two-system landscape D. It can be defined only once in a transport group 51 Which of the following statements are correct in regard to client-specific transport routes? They are only allowed for target groups D. They may not be used in conjunction with client-independent transport routes 52 After you create a new client entry in table T, which of the following activities enables you to provide the client with data?

All of the above 53 Which of the following cannot be used to restrict a client from certain activities? The client role B. The client-dependent change option C. The client ID-number D. A client restriction E. The client-independent change option 54 Which of the following tasks can be performed using the client copy tools? Merging application data from one client into another client Copying only application data from one client to another client Copying only Customizing data from one client to another client All of the above 55 Which of the following tasks can be performed using the client copy profiles?

Scheduling a client copy to occur at a time when system use is low B. Selecting the subset of application data that will be copied when a client copy is executed C. Providing required user authorization for the use of client tools D.

Determining the data that will be copied when a client copy is executed 56 Which of the following statements is correct in regard to table logging? Table logging should be used instead of change requests whenever possible Table logging provides an audit history of who made what changes and when Table logging does not negatively impact system resources All of the above 56 Which of the following statements is false in regard to development classes?

Development classes facilitate project management by grouping similar Repository objects B. All Repository objects are assigned to a development class C. A development class determines the transport route that a changed Repository object will follow D.





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