Only this time, no jury may be able to save her. Detective Eddie Argo and his new partner Helen Westcott unearth the meaning of the odd equation and realise each victim is being offered a gruesome choice: kill your loved ones, or be killed. Before long it becomes clear that the perpetrator has suffered a similar fate and is now coping by seeking a way to solve this philosophical dilemma. Harry eventually collars Scorpio in the process of rescuing a kidnap victim, only to see him walk on technicalities. Now, the maverick detective is determined to nail the maniac himself.

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The cover girls of a famous sex magazine are murdered one-by-one and the easily baffled British police can only think of one solution: To send one of their own in undercover.

When the battle was nearing an end Betamax users threw in the towel and converted flooding the market with old cheap machines with all the tapes that came with it. Through this history I got to see Playbirds not once, but twice. The only thing getting the punters interested was horror, sex and bawdy comedy -- preferably mixed so that you could justify seeing it more.

UK sexual censorship was hard-line, so the films were soft -- as well as cheap and cheerful. Playbirds is - indeed - cheap, but they forgot about the cheerful part! Indeed with a bit of rewrite and more talent or even people that care you could just about film this as a straight Hammer-style B picture.

The treatment of the girls is quite cruel in that while there is a murderer about no one seems to really care too much about it. Suspects are lined up and listed by an early computer but the feel is more like a Hammer Horror where sudden death can be forgotten about quickly. Killing himself after losing his well known wife Diana Dorrs to cancer.

What a happy ship! To indicate that Millington is up for the undercover job she is required to take all her clothes of in the police station Scotland Yard?

Yes Playbirds is pretty dreadful, and features pretty dreadful people both sides of the camera. The deaths of the cover girls are treated as a bit of a joke and the whole show ends with a sour and very cruel plot twist.


mary millington

Early life[ edit ] Quilter was born out of wedlock, and grew up without her father, John William G. Klein , [4] initially in Willesden and later in Mid Holmwood near Dorking. She then returned to modelling for British pornographic magazines such as Knave and Men Only. Sex is My Business was considered something of a lost film until a Super 8 mm film print of the film was located and privately transferred to DVD in


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