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Alphabets, Language, and Magic Magick Alphabets create language. Language is a metaphor, representing concepts and objects without being those concepts or objects.

So, too, are the building blocks of our written language, the alphabets. We use our alphabets to symbolize our spoken language. The shapes of the characters comprising an alphabet are often comparisons to things real or imagined. An obvious example of this is the English letter "S" which mimics the shape of the snake which, oddly enough perhaps, makes that sound.

Other alphabet shapes are not as obvious or may have been corrupted as cultures and their languages developed, but nevertheless, the connections are there.

Most people are familiar with the runic alphabet and the runes, but there are several other alphabets or scripts that are associated with witchcraft, magic spells, and magickal or spiritual practices. On the following pages you will see these alphabets in their entirety with their corresponding English letters, but it is important to keep in mind that these scripts have been given English counterparts based on the sounds of each letter—not because there is a definitive connection between some ancient language and modern English.

To put it plainly, when one writes an English word in runes, it is not the same as if one were to write as the ancient Norse wrote. You will notice as you go through the magic alphabets that some alphabets are missing English letters; this is not an error, some of the older languages had no corresponding symbols for all of the letters used in our modern-day languages.

Alphabets were initially developed by the Ancients to symbolize magical objects or ideas. Later, they were used for sacred writings and eventually for common writing.

The descriptions of the alphabets that follow have survived through time or have been rediscovered. The Magic Alphabets.


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Click here The aim of this eBbooklet is to help all students who want to learn how to draw, and recognize the Hebrew letters and also to understand their inherent magickal power, which may be used by us all, that is if we know how. It this work I will show you how!. The Western Magickal Tradition has consolidated many diverse strands of thought and symbolism. However one of the greatest contributors to the tradition is the Judaic traditions which are the basic cornerstones of medieval magickal knowledge. It is not only the study of the Kabbalah, that requires some knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet and preferably of Hebrew itself, but also those that wish to practice talismanic magick. For those that take the challenge of studying the Hebrew alphabet and its power, their efforts will be rewarded tenfold.


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