It can be communicated by below three approaches: Files: JCL job can able to send files directly to the COBOL program, the program will be able to read the files and process based on the logic. After sending require data to the Cobol program every JCL jobs are waiting for returning response from that program and deciding the JOB further process. If yes, then give detail explaining how it can be reused? Answer: Yes possible.

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No additional code needed. Q23 In a valuation statement, when can I give a complicated situation? Answer: Yes. Q24 What is the purpose terminator? Give examples. Answer: The terminal is used to indicate the end of a verb, e. Q25 How do you act? Answer: The body of the action will not be used in other columns. If the body of the event is a common type of code used from many places in the program , it is best to place the code in a custom package and use the PERFORM paragraph than the Internet program.

Q27 What is the difference between the series and the next week? Answer: Nothing done! If used, it should be a sentence in one sentence. Q29 Can I retrieve a X field with X field? Again and again, both fields begin at one place. Q30 Can I retrieve X domain with X field? Q31 What should you do to resolve the SOC-7 error? Answer: Basically you have to fix the harmful data. Many times the reason for SOC7 is an unreleased item. Explore that opportunity first. Many installs provide you with a padding for the run time which is created by calling some subroutines or OS server as an assembly language.

This is the last step that has been overcome to dumps Offline Offline. Get the serial number of the source code in this corner to test the output of the XREF list and output it. You can see the source code to find the error. If none of these are helpful, use judgment and display to change the source of the error.

Some installation packages may contain program diagnostic tools. Use them. Answer: Bucket Demiic fields: The last numbers of storage 4 bits are encoded as a hex value. Zoned decim fields: By default, the last signature is signed with the value of the saved number.

Q33 How is the identity stored in a comp-3 domain? Answer: This is stored in the last nibble. For instance if your number is , it is the last byte, hex 1c in your number , hex 2c is your number , number 1D if number , number 2D number, etc … Q34 How is the identity of a COMP in the field stored?

Answer: Very significant bit. Answer: COMP-1 — single precise floating point. Uses 4 bytes. COMP-2 — double precision floating point. Uses 8 bytes. Answer: You have to give any picture. Answer: 4 bytes will take.

The hex value is stored as a symbol in the last nibble. Answer: 8 bytes one extra byte sign will occupy. Answer: 4 bytes. Answer: Reasons for the item to change the natural boundaries. For binary data objects, if they are in word boundaries in memory, the address clarity will be faster. For example, the memory key is 4 bytes in the main frame.

That is, each word starts at an address divided by 4. If you specify SYNC, the binary data item will start from address 4. You can find some waste of memory, but access to it The computational field is fast. Q45 What are the open modes available in another file gopal? Q46 What is the method of opening a file that you write? Answer: Provide DD cards for files mentioned in the main scheme. Can you delete a record from it? Answer: Can not write record length should be , but can not be deleted.

Q49 What is file level 92? Answer: Logic error. Q50 What is file 39? The file 39 is available in OPEN.


JCL Interview Questions

Next Page Dear readers, these JCL Interview Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of JCL. How to override only one dataset in those 3 datasets? The output of step1 is used in step2 and the next version is created as output in step2. How do you reference each GDG version in each step? A JCL has 4 steps and job abends. How to restart the job and run only step 2?


Mainframe Interview Questions and Answers

What is primary allocation for a dataset? The space allocated when the dataset is first created. What is the difference between primary and secondary allocations for a dataset? Secondary allocation is done when more space is required than what has already been allocated. How many extents are possible for a sequential file? For a VSAM file?

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