Subhamoy Das M. Mahalaya is an auspicious occasion observed seven days before the Durga Puja , and it heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. The program has also been translated into Hindi with a similar orchestration and is broadcast at the same time for a pan-Indian audience. This program has almost become synonymous with Mahalaya.

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Dissolve your ancestral karma and gain your ancestors blessings during Mahalaya Paksha. We have given the procedure for Mahalaya Paksha Tharpanam below. Six sastrigals are required for mahalaya sratham. Viswedevar and maha vishnu should sit facing east. All others should sit facing north. Required things: Betel leaves;betel nut;sandal paste; ellu gingilly seed Raw rice; thulasi;banana fruits ;dharbai; aasana palagai or thadukku; Dhakshinai;Brass plate Thambaalam panchathra uthurini;Brass sombu with water.

Sraddha kandam 2nd part page no tells us to do mahalaya tharpanam in the same order serial number wise. Others are not Kaarunya pithrukkal. Take your bath; have mark on your forehead, do sandhya vandhanam and gayathri japam. Take another bath by A. Suklambaratharam vishnum sasi varnam chathur bujam prasanna vadhanam dhyaa yeth sarva vignopa saanthaye ;strike five times in your forehead with your fingers.

Om mahaha; om janaha. Om thapaha. Ogum sathyam. From second day onwards tell thivitheeya thrutheeya, chathurtha, panchama, Shasta, bapthama, ashtama, navam, dasama, eakaadasa.

Dwaadasa, thrayodasa, chathurdasa, panchadasa, shodasadasa thina thila tharpanamathya karishye. It is not required that you have to do the same procedure next year as well if you do this daily this year.

It will take only 30 minutes to do this. From next year you may or may not do like this. Samaaradhanai samayal. During mahalaya tharpanam in addition to these you have to do tharpanam for kaarunya pithrukkal also. Who are Karunya Pithrukkal? You can do tharpanam for those who have expired in the above kaarunya pithrukkal list only during this mahalaya paksham period.

By chanting their gothram and name. If it is not known you have to say that that gothram that that name vasu vasu swaroopan in pthru and mathru vargam to all kaaruneeka pithrus i am doing tharpanam. Retired persons can do this tharpanam daily for these 16 days. But for office goers they can do only on one day within these period this tharpanam along with 6 sastrigals with mantras.

You have to inform these 6 sastrigals well in advance to come to your house on one particular day. Which must come in these fifiteen days. Now a days Sastrigals are not available, so some of the people are doing one day sratham with 2 or 3 sastrigals without dhoties and with meals and dakshinai. Most of the people are giving them raw rice and plantain fruit and dakshinai after duly aavaahanam as 1 for pithru and mathru vargam and kaarunya pithrus and 2 maha vishnu and viswedevar.

ON amavasya day they have to do first amavasya tharpanam and then they have to do mahalaya tharpanam. For normal death persons you should not do mahalaya sratham on chathurdasi day. On deepaavali day if amavaasai comes on the same day you must take oil bath at 4 A. After 10 A. Mahalaya Tharpanam Have snaanam, wear madi vasthram. Throw the dharbham in north west side, then upaveethee, touch water, then do praacheenaaveethy and clean the floor where you are going to do tharpanam.

Spread ellu by chanting apahathah asura rakshagumsi pisaacha ye kshayanthy prithivi manu anyathrae dho ghachanthu yathraishaam gatham manaha. Upaveetham Spread water by chanting apavithra pavithrovaa sarvaavastham gathopiva yas smareth pundareekaaksham sa bhaya abyanthara suchihi boorbhuvasarom,bhurbhuvasvarom, boorbhuvassuvaha. Pracheenaveetham — Aavahana Mantram AAyaathas pitharas somya gambheeraihi pathibhihi poorvaihi, prajam asmabyam dhathorayincha dheerghayuth vancha sadha shaarathancha.

Asmin koorchea ……gothraan……sarmanaha vasu rudhra aadhithya swaroopaan asmath pithru pithamaha prapithamahan, gothraha ……. Aasana Mantram Sakruthaas chinnam. Vargathdwaya pithroonaam sakala aaradhanais swarchidham. Or separate koorcham for pithru and mathru vargam.

Pithru Vargha Tharpanam 1. Oorjam vahanthehi amrutham grutham payaha kilaalam paraisrutham svathaastha tharpayathamay. Pithrubias svathaavibyas svathaa namaha pitha mahepyas svathaabyas svathaa namaha prapithapahebyas svathaavibyas.

Vanaspathir madhumagum asthu suryaha madhvir gaavo. Aayanthunaha pitharas somyaaso aknish vaathaa ha pathipir devayanaihi asmin yakgye svathayaa madhanthb vathee bruvanthuthey avanthassmaan……….

Oorjam vahanthee amrutham krutham payaha keelaalam parisrutham svathaastha tharpayatha may pithrun……. Mathuhu pithamahan rudhra rupan swadha namas tharpayami 2.

Ye cha ha pitharo ye chaneha yaakumscha vithma yaakum uchana pra vithma akne than vetha yathithey jaatha vedhas thayaa prathakus svadhayaa madhanthe…………. Mathuhu pithamahan rudhra rupan swadha namas tharpayami 3. Madhuvatha ruthaayathey madhu ksharanthi synthavaha madhvir na santho oshadhihi…………gothran………sa rmanaha mathuhu prapithamahan aadhithya rupan swadha namas tharpayami. Madhunakthamuthoshathi madhumath paarthivakum rajaha madhu dhyow rasthu na pithaha ……….. If you dont know the gothram and name now you have to do as follows: Thath thath gothraanam thath thath sarmanaha vasu vasu rupoonam pithruvya mathulaatheen vargadwayaa vasistaan sarvaan kaarunya pithrun swadha namas tharpayami.

Thath thath gothran thath thath sarmanaha vasu vasu swaroopan pithruvya maathulaatheen vargadwaya vasistan sarvaan kaarunya pithrun swadha namas tharpayaami.

Thath thath gothraan thath thath sarmanaha vasu vasu swaroopan pithruvya maathulaatheen vargadwaya vasistaan sarvaan kaarunya pithrun swadha namas tharpayami. Upaveedham Namovaha pitharo rasaaya, namo vah pithras sooshmaaya , namo vah pithro jeevaaya, namo vah pithras swadhaayai, namo vah pithro manyave , namo vah pithro ghoraaya, pitharo namo vo ya ethasmin lokhestha ushmaghushthey anu ye ye ye asmin lokhe maan theanu ya ethasmin lokhe astha yuyam theysham vasishta booyaasthayea asmin lokhe aham theysham vasisto booyaasam.

Devadabyashscha pihrubhyascha maha yogibyascha evacha namas swadhayayai swahayaiyai nithya meva namo namaha. Pracheenaaveedhi Uthistathaha pithraha pretha soora, yamasya pantha manvetha puraanam. Asmaath koorchath sapath neeka pithru pithamaha prapithaamahan, mathru pitha mahi prapithamahi nam sa pathneeka matha maha mathuhu pithamahan mathuhu praithaan kaarunya pithrun cha yatha sthaanam prathista payaami.

Do brahma yagnam; THen do your daily poojas and then take meals. On amavasya day first do amavasya tharpanam and again do this kaarunya pithru tharpanam.


Mahalaya Paksha Tharpanam 2016

Sadhguru explains the significance of Mahalaya Amavasya or Pitru Paksha September 28, , and why the tradition of honoring our ancestors is significant. Sadhguru: The new moon day known as the Mahalaya Amavasya is the beginning of Dussehra. It is a special day dedicated to making an offering to express our gratitude to all the previous generations of people who have contributed to our life. Scientists say that human beings and their ancestors have existed on this planet for 20 million years. That is a lot of time. All these hundreds of thousands of generations that lived on this planet before us have given us something or the other. The language that we speak, the way we sit, our clothes, our buildings — almost everything that we know today has come to us from generations before us.

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The Hindu Mahalaya Celebration

Fenriran Horoscope Predictions by date of birth. Times Point Know more. Rhythm Divine Mahalaua from a distance, the sounds of dhaak — the traditional Bengali drums beaten with sticks — can be heard. Children practice cultural acts like singing, dancing and theatre inside their homes to perform during the evening functions at the pandals, which attracts thousands from nearby areas. Festival Like No Other Durga Mhalaya is a festival like no other for the Bengalis but it also spells the start of the great Indian festival season.

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