Tesar Bend Beogradski sindikat objavio je Jedini nacin da izadjemo iz problema je da sagledamo ko smo i sto smo te da prvo resavamo svoje probleme i da gradimo sebe a okolina ce sama da se prilagodi tom procesu. Ja sam samo magzain. Umro je u svom stanu na Slaviji, Tokom artiljerijske vatre srpski vojnici su se iz zaklona na nasipu sklanjali u rovove na obali i tako izbegavali sigurnu smrt. Istog dana, bez objave rata, u Srbiju su provalile 1. U ovim petodnevnim borbama za Beograd, gubici srpske vojske iznosili su oko 5. Beograd je branilo svega 20 bataljona, tj.

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However, sometimes in life we are faced with problems that cannot be talked away. You may be walking down the street one day when a person pulls out a knife and threatens your life. It is also possible that your home could be invaded while you are sleeping in your bed. In these situations, your only choices are to flee or to fight. Sometimes, there is not choice to flee and it is imperative that you fight. To increase the chance of success in defeating attackers though, training is required.

This article has been written to tell readers about the ODBRANA fighting system and how it can be used to drastically reduce the risk of losing a fight and protect yourself and your family. So, without further ado, here are the top five reasons that people should consider the ODBRANA self defense system for home and street protection.

Small children are capable of becoming well versed in it and will improve their physical and mental abilities as well. This is good for preventing bullying and enabling children to defend themselves from attacks. Even elderly people are capable of learning these steps and improving their defensive prowess. He has spent years in the Serbian military and police force, was head of the security team for the embassy of the Netherlands in the early s, and has been placed in the U.

There are few other instructors with anywhere near the amount of experience that is possessed by Mr. Those who have used it became very proficient at defending themselves and taking down opponents. It is a practical system that enables students to effectively disarm and defeat their assailants without using any weapons of their own.

As a result of this, there are many different classes that are available in order to provide for these needs. The elementary school students will obviously have different needs than law enforcement officers, so it makes sense to customize the program for each individual group.

Krav Maga for example is focused on killing the opponent as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. This system, while effective, can be used to take down opponents in a non-lethal manner.

Whether you are just walking down the street and someone jumps you, or you have a fight with another person you know, this system can be used to end the fight without ending a life. However, for more serious uses such as law enforcement, lethal techniques can be discussed. We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to seeing you have a safe and happy ! However, some problem such as gang violence and severe bullying cannot be solved by talking and trying to make up.

Children often live in a world that is just as dangerous if not more dangerous than adults, and it is wise as a parent to try and prepare your child for the harsher realities of life. The ODBRANA "Little Tigers" program is not meant to incite children toward violence against others but to teach them discipline and the ability to deal with their own problems in life.

This article has been written to address the reasons why children should learn martial arts training and some of the benefits that can come out in childhood behavior as a result of this training. So, to help both parents and kids improve their lives together, here are the top five reasons parents should consider enrolling their children in an ODBRANA "Little Tigers" self defense class. If they are lacking an activity where they can progress in a measurable manner, then they will likely be unhappy and feel purposeless a lot of the time.

Sometimes all it takes to put a kid on the right path is to put them in the right direction. Number 2: They will learn group work and the ability to connect with others to achieve goals When they take an ODBRANA class, children will learn to work with others in learning the techniques of martial arts and to practice with other children.

Individual activities such as video games and TV do not provide this level of stimulus and will cause them to be worse at socializing with other children their age. Through this class, teamwork is learned and kids will better understand how to accomplish large goals together.

Number 3: Positive moral lessons are imparted Positive character traits such as honesty, integrity, and discipline will be taught to your children by the instructor. Few other after school activities will build the moral foundation of a child in the same way.

The values that are being taught do not conflict with any religious belief systems or contradict the word of parents. These are universal moral principles that all people around the world share. Number 4: It will keep them away from bad influences such as drugs and gangs The less time your child spends around those who try to influence them in a bad way, the less trouble they will get into.

Drugs, gangs, and bullying are largely problems that occur with other kids in school and in neighborhoods. If your child both spends less time with bad influencers and learns to defend himself from bullying, he will feel much less need to get into trouble.

Number 5: Their grades and overall educational performance will be better Discipline in one area of life tends to spill over into other areas of life as well.

Homework assignments will be completed much more thoroughly, and additional thought will be given to the future by the child.

We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to seeing you have a great time watching your kid grow up strong with ODBRANA training! Odbrana is extremely effective and applicable in everyday situations to demobilize an attacker on contact with little effort. It involves a combination of strikes, kicks, blocks, chokes, locks, throws and submissions.

Unlike other forms of self defense from around the world, Odbrana teaches the individual to defend himself against multiple attackers with or without weapons from numerous vulnerable positions while under constant stress.

It teaches the individual to always be aware of his surroundings and to act with caution. The individual is trained in situations with the emphasis on survival rather than retreat. In addition to hand to hand combat, the individual is also trained in the disarming of guns, rifles, knives, bats, batons etc. There are no age, weight or height requirements in practicing Odbrana.

Martial Arts Hall of Fame 5 times and holds a 6. DAN in Real Aikido, 6. DAN in Jiu Jitsu and a 7. DAN in Aiki Jujitsu. With 33 years of martial arts dedication, Vladimir Djordjevic has gone on to win numerous championships in many associations and federations world wide. He is an Ambassador of martial arts, an internationally recognized referee and very well respected as one of the main instructors for numerous military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Have you been that person that never really made it or just missed out?

TDS Fitness Boot camp offers specially designed weeks for men and women who want to lose weight and increase fitness levels, confidence and general well-being. You will work extremely hard during the week and the harder you work the better the results. We have worked really hard with all of our accommodation providers to make all our Bootcamps affordable for all, you will receive the same quality and attention that you would on the most expensive Bootcamp.

Sensible training shoes and comfortable training gear. It is advisable to layer up in colder weather. Although the exercise keeps you from feeling the cold. Just yourself. We train in all weathers. Our classes are always different this makes them more fun.

Different weathers just add different dimensions to the classes making them more challenging and enjoyable. Sometimes you will get wet and a little muddy but the classes are always fun and enjoyable. After being indoors all day just being outdoors in the fresh air is refreshing whatever the weather.

Your safety and well being is of our up most concern. Safety assessments are carried out before and during every class. Most of our venues are fully lit so training at night is not a problem. Also instructors carry safety lighting. Absolutely our classes are designed to suit all abilities. Our training is completely different to training in a gym and therefore cannot be compared. You will have new goals and targets to reach. Our instructors do not shout and bully people.

They will encourage a sense of urgency and motivate you to reach your goal. Everybody trains together, however there are different levels in each class denoted by what colour bib you wear, there are always low impact alternatives to every exercise we do.

There is strong evidence that exercise and fresh air increases both physical and mental well being. We offer a flexible and constructive exercise programme that takes advantage of the fresh air and natural terrain. This means no two classes are the same and you get fit whilst escaping from being indoors all day. Yes, our exercises cover every aspect of fitness, weight loss and shape improvement.

We run 3 classes a week at 2 different venues. As a member you would be entitled to attend unlimited classes at any of our parks. The amount of classes available means everybody can fit our exercise regime into their busy schedule.

The amount of sessions you attend is entirely down to you. No as long as you are over 16 years old all ages are welcome. Yes, you will also meet new people and have fun whilst getting fit. Everybody exercises together and there is a definite team spirit with all members encouraging each other.


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