Where am I going? Vieira, progenitor of the sciences of projectiology and conscientiology analyzes evolution in a manner that goes beyond mere philosophical inquiry and even the scope of biological evolution. His focus is the of the consciousness - our personal world. Manual da Tenepes Penta Manual Penta personal energetic task is an individual, assistential transmission of energy programmed for a certain hour in the day of the individual, directed by one or more non-physical helpers. It is performed while in the waking state and is directed to ill or deficient non-physical consciousnesses and projected persons who are intangible and invisible to common human vision. Personal energetic task is the most effective and only technique known and used by Dr.

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Looseness of the holochakra — See looseness of the energosoma. Doing the right thing and clearing up the mental house Somos Todos UM Heterointrusion or interconsciential intrusion: Dreams are characterized by a set of ideas and images that present themselves to the consciousness.

This generates the intensification of paraperceptions and energetic and parapsychic phenomena. Existential incompletism — The condition wherein the existential program of the human consciousness is incomplete. Intraphysical society projecioologia The society of intraphysical consciousnesses; human society.

This specialized arrangement creates a multidimensional chamber, providing opportunity for deep self-research. Synonymous expression outworn through use: Projecioloyia recyclability — The projecio,ogia of the intraphysical execution of existential recycling.

Parawoman — The extraphysical consciousness having the appearance of a woman or a projected female intraphysical consciousness. Intrusion — Negative thosenic influence upon a consciousness. Also referred to as holochakral seduction. The state of individual free will, when connected to the evolutionary group. Existential completism — The condition wherein the existential program of the human consciousness is complete. Intermissive course — The set of disciplines and theoretical and practical experiences administered to an extraphysical consciousness projeciologoa the period of consciential intermission.

The consciential bond goes beyond the bieira bond. Evolutionary existential sequencing of the consciousness; successive existences; intraphysical rebirths in series. Conscientiometry — The discipline or area that studies conscientiological of the consciousness measurements, using the resources and methods offered by conscientiology, that are capable of establishing the possible bases for the mathematicization of the consciousness.

Consciential basement — The phase of infantile and adolescent manifestation of the intraphysical consciousness up to adulthood, characterized by a predominance of more primitive strong traits of the multivehicular, multiexistential and multimillenary consciousness.

The intraphysical consciousness who is permanently and totally free of intrusion, and is completely self-aware of being in this condition as well as of all aspects that derive from it. Alexa Actionable Analytics for vjeira Web. Auric coupling — Interfusion of the holochakral energies between two or more consciousnesses; projecioligia of energosomas. Extraphysical consciousness — The paracitizen of an extraphysical society; a consciousness which no longer has a soma.

Vehicle of the consciousness — The instrument or body through which the consciousness manifests in intraphysicality intraphysical consciousness and in the extraphysical dimensions projected intraphysical consciousness and extraphysical consciousness. Intrusive stigma — An evolutionary failure or derailing that is always dramatic and generally pathological, generally stemming from consciential self-obcaecation.

Polykarmality — The quality of the polykarmic manifestations of the consciousness. Consciential epicenter — The key intraphysical consciousness of operational epicentrism who becomes iveira fulcrum of interdimensional lucidity, assistantiality and constructiveness through the extraphysical clinic.

Evolutiologist — The consciousness which assists in the intelligent coordination of the existential program, or the consciential evolution of one or more consciousnesses of the same karmic group. Despertology — Despertology is the area of conscientiology that studies the intrusionless condition or the evolutionary, consciential quality of the intrusion-free consciousness, who no longer suffers projefiologia pathological interconsciential intrusions and their harmful evolutionary consequences.

Intrusiveness — Ill, interconsciential thosenic intrusion. It is a plastic, and fluid non-physical environment, apparently omnipresent. An ancient expression vkeira to the consciential energy of this chakra: A conscious projector since the age of nine, he has been researching the consciousness and projeciologia waldo vieira out-of-body manifestations for more than 50 years. Interconsciential climate — The condition of multi-understanding in an interconsciential encounter, established through similar thosenes, especially those with an emphasis on consciential energies.

Dermatologies of vieiraa consciousness — The compound expression attributed to the conventional, vieiar sciences that are subordinated to the Newtonian-Cartesian, mechanistic paradigm and focus their research only upon projeciollogia soma, because they do not avail themselves of the instrumentation necessary for direct, technical investigation of the consciousness itself; dermatologies of the intraphysical consciousness; periconsciential sciences.

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Tezshura E na verdade ficaram. Contei na volta, em palestras minhas esse caso. Agora se Deus existe e julga as pessoas livro projeciologia waldo vieira vc o planeta todo esta ferrado. Fingir que esta em transe, que tem um espirito ali comigo. Nossa como eram caridosos este espiritas. Tenham todos paz e luz sempre. E hoje na volta pra casa eu estava pensando.









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