Page Display Mode User Manual Installation and Operation Instructions Setting and Operation, continuation Three possible modes of operation and settings can be se- Display mode lected on the keypad: Operating mode Programming mode Display Mode In the display mode the user receives information on functions and malfunctions. Page Operating Mode User Manual Installation and Operation Instructions Setting and Operation, continuation Display Mode, continuation To acknowledge malfunctions The flashing display is changed into a continuous light by pressing the button acknowledging. However, check regu- attention should be paid to cleanliness. Let the QLS run and fill the empty reservoir through When filling the reservoir by means of the filler fitting pos. Cause: Remedy: Proximity switch is not dampened, i. Check does not move within the switching range of the proximity whether the control pin moves centrically over the switch- switch, or the distance between the control pin and the

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Refill QLS pump with clean lubricant. Do not install the system with machines exposed to shock. Before painting a machine or commercial vehicle, remove or cover the pump completely.

Any modifications must be subject to prior consultation with the manufacturer of the QLS Any use of the QLS that is not expressly mentioned in this Owner Manual will be regarded as misuse. If the QLS is used or operated in a different manner other than specified, any claim for warranty or liability will be null and void. NOTE a02 If personal injury or material damage occurs as a result of inappropriate operation, e.

Regulations for Prevention of Accidents To prevent accidents, observe all city, state and federal safety regulation of the country in which the product will be used.

Malfunction because of dirt! When executing any maintenance or repair works on the QLS , ensure absolute cleanliness. Lubrication systems QLS If the protective-conductor terminal is not connected or interrupted, dangerous touch voltages may occur on the equipment! Subject to modificaitons - must be filled regularly without air inclusions with clean lubricant recommended by the manufacturer see page 40 ff.

Observe the operating temperatures see page 35, chapter "Technical Data".. However, a regular check according to the fixed lubrication intervals should be made to ensure that lubricant is being dispensed from all lubricant points. Repairs should only be performed by authorized personnel who are familiar with the instructions.

Disposal Dispose of used or contaminated lubricants as well as of parts that were in touch with lubricant according to the legal regulations pertaining to environmental protection. Make sure to observe the safety data sheets of the lubricants used. Failure to observe the safety instructions, e. If the values specified in the Technical Data are exceeded, the device may overheat. It may damage the QLS and thus impair the electric safety. Install a protective and lock out device for isolating and disconnecting the QLS Before beginning the installation work, disconnect the electrical supply.

Consider residual ripple of max. Page 6 of 48 If necessary, these devices may be removed temporarily during the installation of the pump.


qls 401 - Lincoln Automatic Lubrication Systems for Comercial ...

Fenrijar Report item — opens in a new window or tab. Print this page Share Share this page. Australia Post Air Mail Parcel. Service Parts, continuation Explosion view with back mounted SSV divider block vertical outlets with square-type plug b03 Fig. Lubrication Systems CAD models. Blockage in the downstream progressive system, continuation Cause: Lubrication Points User Manual Installation and Operation Instructions Installation Instructions, continuation Lubrication Points Installing Quicklinc fittings into lube points Remove hydraulic lube fittings from lube points and linclln appropriate Quicklinc fittings into the bore holes of the lube points.


Electrically operated pump QLS401 SSV


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