Danris How do I send money with U. There is no sound listing in setting, i went there initialy. Chocolae may offer the software as well. Can I change the email address, U. The similarly priced C7 series were exclusive to Currys stores and are no longer available to buy new. Todday I dropped my LG G2 and the screen cracked.

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If you are in a strong coverage area have no fear, but if you are in a marginally covered area you might only get bars in EV and 1X. The voice quality is good on the LG and volume on both incoming and outgoing calls is high. EVDO speed is good and when the signal is strong, music, video and software download speeds are quite fast.

The LG VX offers general call management features including call waiting, last number redial, speed dial 95 entries and a dedicated speakerphone key. The LG comes with a Phone Book that can store up to 1, contacts and each contact can store up to 5 numbers, 2 email addresses and a picture ID. You can assign unique ringtones, speed dial numbers and groups to your contact entries. You can dial numbers and by name, launch messaging and find contacts, check phone status, battery life and more by giving voice commands.

The GPS get signals quite fast, and accuracy is within a hundred yards in our tests in metro areas. The screen looks bright and very color saturated. The LG Chocolate VX is a nice music player with some basic features like playlist, repeat and shuffle. Adding in most cases to the music experience are a dedicated music launch key on the right side of the Chocolate, a rear-firing speaker that sounds decent, an LG proprietary headphone jack and a 2. The dedicated music launch key will get you to your songs in one click.

We tried several 2. Sound only comes out mono. The only headset that came close was the 2. Otherwise, no more stereo output. Music track and video download speeds depends heavily upon signal strength. In strong coverage areas where the phone gets full signal strength, download speeds are very fast. And in spotty coverage areas where the phone gets EV-DO bars, the download is slow and sometimes drops the connection to the server.

Still you will experience slow frame rates, choppy audio and loss of audio sync when watching these clips. The photos are sharp by 1. You can tweak the settings for brightness, colors and more, and the phone has options to send photos as MMS, print them, transfer to the desktop and more.

The LG camera phone can take still photos in three resolutions: x, x default and x pixels. It also comes with a self portrait mirror. The new LG Chocolate can also record videos with audio. The camcorder records video in 3G2 format and you have the option of shooting 30 second videos for messaging or up to1 hour long video to save on your storage card. You can record video clips in x pixels resolution.

The Chocolate can save up to 20 paired devices. Music playback quality was very good when working with the Plantronics Pulsar A and the Cardo S2 stereo headphones. The Plantronics sounded best with full sound and great volume. The Cardo sounded good as well but had noticeable though not too loud white noise hiss background noise. The sound was slightly dull compared to the Pulsar A which had more dynamic and brighter sound on high notes performed by piano and strings.

The LG Chocolate worked well with mono Bluetooth headsets for hands-free calling. We tested the phone with the Plantronics Voyager and the Jawbone Bluetooth headsets, and the phone paired with both easily. The Plantronics Voyager had fuller voice on both incoming and outgoing ends but some distortion was noticeable. The DSP worked reasonably well and muted most low to mid level background noise. We could still hear a faint swooshing sort of noise in the background though. The Jawbone worked better for both voice clarity and DSP.

The voice was clearer on the Jawbone compared to the Plantronics, though not as full as with the Plantronics. The Chocolate had very good range, getting about 25 feet with the Plantronics and 30 feet with the Jawbone. The Chocolate can store 20 pairings and the older ones will get bumped off the list. If you watch V CAST videos for 45 minutes to 1 hour a fully charged battery will be almost completely drained. If you use the phone for music playback and watch videos a lot on top of making phone calls, investing in the extended battery is a good idea.

The battery life indicator fluctuated quite a bit on our unit, so be sure to let the battery indicator settle down a bit after a long period of usage. Conclusion When the first-gen LG Chocolate came to market, a cell phone was never so appetizing.

Though still looking good in three delicious colors, the new LG Chocolate faces stiffer competition in the music phone market this year. Pro: Cool form with touch controls and LED lights. Easier to use than the first generation Chocolate. Has a good set of phone features and software tools. Generous amount of memory and a memory card slot that supports 4 gig cards.

GPS and VZ navigator support is a big plus. Very decent camera by US camera phone standards. Con: No headset included for hands-free dialing or music playback. Battery: Lithium Ion rechargeable.

Battery is user replaceable. Claimed talk time is up to 4 hours and standby is up to hours. Optional mAh battery sold separately. Size: 3. Weight: 3. Camera: 1. Camera resolutions: x, x default and x Pixels. Camcorder records 3G2 format, can take 30 second videos for messaging or 1 hour videos.

Video resolution: x pixels. Audio: Built-in speaker, mic, LG headset jack and a 2. VoiceCommand and speakerphone included. Has standalone mode radios off and vibration mode. Supports Bluetooth A2DP for wireless stereo. Networking: Integrated Bluetooth v1. Web 2. Expansion: 1 microSD card slot supporting up to 4 GB card.

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