Wie kann Kunst widerstehen? Nach dem Notabitur wurde er zur Marine eingezogen. Er heiratete sie im Jahre Zusammenfassung Der Roman gliedert sich in zwanzig Kapitel, die mit einem eigenen Titel versehen sind, und den ganzen Text hindurch wird eine Haupthandlung in eine Rahmenhandlung eingeblendet.

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I found myself reading snippets to my roommate out loud so I could share the use of imagery, detail, and language. I picked it up at a used book store without any prior knowledge of the author or the artist upon whom it was based. I went into it What struck me so strongly when I began reading this was the prose. One thing that became obvious very quickly was that the word "Nazi" is never once used in the book. I found this to be an interesting omission at first but grew to appreciate it.

This story could have been written about any society who finds itself in a war of ideals and has to cope with perceived "enemies within. On the topic of duty, the author has much to say. Duty to his country, duty to his post, duty to his leaders. His duty during the retelling of his story a duty to his brother, sister, the painter, and his own moral conceptions of duty and his duty to finishing the task before him even when the people who originally gave him the task eventually try to make him stop.

Finally, the painter has his own sense of duty to his art and craft despite those trying to silence him. In all cases, the duty of each is blindly obsessive. Take away the elements of WWII, take away the Germans, and read this as a study of human character during extreme conditions Nationalistic existentialism.

In the end, the only thing each character has to cling to is his or her own sense of duty. Be it a duty of self preservation, a national agenda, art and expression, or an obsessive quest of self identity.

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