Featuring pieces, it was authentically detailed, with one of the few Star Wars buildings ever made. It was then re-released through LEGO. Resemblance with other sets It could be said that this set is an update of all the sets that were released representation the Battle of Endor. All the models in this set besides the shield bunker are redesigned versions of previously-made sets. The AT-ST was redesigned with narrow legs and a concave head more accurate to its appearance in the film. The shield bunker itself features pop-off armour panels and sliding blast doors.

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Check out what this set is worth here, both new and used! It signifies the decline of the Empire with the death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star. The bettle took place both in the space above Endor and on the planet itself. In order to destroy the Death Star, the shields had to be deactivated first. This was the job of the invasion force on the planet, to destroy the shield generator. They were able to do so with the assistance of the Endor natives, the Ewoks.

The Lego The Battle of Endor contains pieces and includes 12 minifigures. Post your review on this set or any Star Wars Lego set here. Average View Rating: 9. On the forest moon of Endor, a brave team of Rebels joins forces with a fierce tribe of Ewok warriors. Imperial bunker has sliding doors and explosion function!

Firing catapult, Ewok glider and 2 speeder bikes also included! Imperial bunker measures 10 inches The Battle of Endor comes with so many varied parts, minifigures and accessories and you can really recreate that epic battle on Endor in Return of the Jedi.

The glider looks really good and it is bigger than I thought it would be. It is a little flimsy and falls over quite easily on its stand. The two speeders are nothing special, but they can build up your speeder collection and you can recreate the speeder-chase on Endor. One of the best features of this set is the catapult. The flick-fire missiles which are very common in Star Wars sets are pathetic compared to this.

Once, I was able to fling the Lego "rock" seven metres! It is quite accurate as well and is made up of rare pieces. The spear and the bow on either side are nice additions. The AT-ST is easily the worst thing included.

Also, the "chicken legs" feature only works if you are holding the AT-ST above the ground. The actual bunker, the main part of this set, is excellent. The feature by which you can "destroy" the bunker works really well and the Lego Group deserve lots of praise for designing this so well.

The door feature is also really good. In the interior, the computer elements look really detailed and the cannisters and revolving chairs are nice little additions which make the bunker seem even more real. Finally, the minifigures are just sublime.

R2-D2 and Chewbacca are the only average minifigures in this set - the others are all rare or exclusive. Han Solo is his Endor gear is exclusive to this set and his legs and torso look really great, especially the intricate belt detail.

Leia in her Endor clothing is another exclusive - her torso is really detailed. The Rebel Commandos are just fantastic. The Death-Star Trooper is only available in The Death Star, which is very expensive, so this is a cheaper way of getting him.

He is great! The set also comes with many pistols and also rifles, so if you need any spares, this is a good set to get them. The piece count of makes this set very good value price-wise. ROUND-UP PROS: Glider looks good, catapult looks good and fires really well, AT-ST is accurate, the bunker looks good and has many well-designed and well-working features like the doors and exloding outside, contains many rare elements, two speeders, rare, exclusive minifigures which are all great, good value for money.

Overall, this set includes many rare colour and elements, is accurate and includes many features, has a great catapult and glider, has a detailed bunker, has rare, exclusive and sublime minifigures and is really good value!! The AT-ST was the only disappointment. I hope this review was helpful! The Battle of Endor is a great set. The minifigs by themselves are definently a highlight of the set.

And the downside is a weird Artoo Detoo head. The base is top quality, the inside being just large enough to reanact the breif fight in there. The 2 speeders are a nice touch and the AT-ST looks tough enough to fight the resistance. I also like the biker scout troopers and jungle rebel troopers. I give this set rating 10 out of Star Wars is a trademark of Lucasfilms Ltd.

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