It has a configuration file named kamctlrclocated in the same folder with kamailio. Once you started, you see the audio levels of the participants in the call. To complete properly this tutorial, you must have: Both systems require a user to have a good knowledge of how SiP works and flows. Several of them can run on smartphones as well. Blog Tutorial: Kamailio And Siremis Installation February 14thth, ClueCon Illinois: Once you have some contacts added, then you can start easily real-time conversations with any of them — when you select a name in the contact list, you will see the icons to start instant messaging, audio or video calls, screen sharing. Before running Kamailio, you have to adjust its configuration and add users in the network.

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You can use kamctl tool for managing subscriber records. If you enable it, registration records are saved to database and reload at restart. Tools kamctl Kamctl is part of Kamailio project in the same source tree and installed by default. It has a configuration file named kamctlrc, located in the same folder with kamailio. Operations to the database are done by connecting directly to the database server. It uses the same configuration file like kamctl, respectively the kamctlrc.

The tool can be used to create and manage the database structure needed by Kamailio, therefore it should be immediately after Kamailio installation, in case you plan to run Kamailio with a database backend. It is not used for managing the records inside the database tables, just for database structure and access to the database e.

For managing the records inside database table, kamctl is the tool that has to be used. This is an application that can send RPC commands to Kamailio from command line. It requires that the ctl module is loaded by Kamailio. It has a modular architecture, allowing to extend it by writing new plugins. See the section above dedicated to default configuration file for more details. Load Balancing.


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Kamailio - Getting Started Guide


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