JBL Ti loudspeaker J. In those days, "professional" meant one of two things: movie-theater speakers or recording-studio speakers. Both were designed, first and foremost, to produce high sound levels, and used horn loading to increase their efficiency and project the sound forwards. They sounded shockingly raw and harsh in the confines of the typical living room footnote 1. Then, in , Edgar Villchur patented a new kind of speaker system designed specifically for consumer use. It also launched high fidelity loudspeaker design on a tangent from "pro" sound, and independent evolution in those divergent directions has made the two increasingly different since then.

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The TiK line embodies an entirely new design, one that JBL is calling the "bending trapezoid," for its gently curving sides and truncated-cone appearance. The company has devoted special attention to chamber construction and resonance suppression, in addition to developing a new set of drivers.

TiK speakers are new from the ground up. JBL has developed an enclosure that eliminates the parallel walls of the traditional box speakerand the colorations they causeby exploiting Scandinavian woodworking techniques.

The side panels in the TiK series are wrapped around curved internal braces, and have a "bowed" curvature that helps eliminate standing wave resonances within the cabinet. The revolutionary structure has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio, further diminishing coloration while reducing manufacturing costs and shipping weight. TiK drivers are also something special. The aluminum chassis of each driver is plated with pure Titanium, a metal with an astounding degree of stiffness. TiK tweeters feature titanium domes which act as heat sinks for the voice coils, eliminating another source of distortion.

JBL claims the drivers used in the TiK series exhibit "pure pistonic motion," with almost no cone breakup even at very high levels.

The neodymium magnets used provide their own magnetic shielding, meaning that TiK speakers can be used near CRT displays without causing magnetic distortion of the picture. Special threaded "footers" allow maximum stability on concrete, wood, or carpeted floors.

Available in black or birch, TiK speakers include the floorstanding Ti10K, with two 8" woofers, one 4" and one 6. The Ti6K looks like a smaller version of the 10K, with two 6. The TiK Center boasts two 5.

Visit your local JBL dealer for more information on this intriguing new product.


TI6K Refurbished



JBL Ti6K Floorstanding Speakers


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