Con el tiempo fue empeorando la situacion familiar, la madre determino mandar a Periquin a la ciudad, para que alli intentase vender la unica vaca que poseian. Si te gustan, te las dare a cambio de la vaca. Asi lo hizo Periquin, y volvio muy contento a su casa. Pero la viuda, disgustada al ver la necedad del muchacho, cogio las habichuelas y las arrojo a la calle. Cuando se levanto Periquin al dia siguiente, fue grande su sorpresa al ver que las habichuelas habian crecido tanto durante la noche, que las ramas se perdian de vista.

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They had sold almost everything they owned to buy food. On the way to town Jack met a strange fellow who told him stories of magic beans. When Jack returned home his mother was furious and threw the beans out the kitchen window crying. Jack went to bed that night sad and hungry. He woke the next morning to find a huge beanstalk growing in the garden. Jack saw that stalk reached the clouds. He remembered stories about the clouds containing gold and started climbing the stalk to see what he could find.

He climbed and climbed. When he got to the top he saw a huge castle and headed for it. The door was so big that Jack could crawl beneath it. Once inside he saw a giant man eating his dinner. When the giant was finished he called his servant to bring him his bag of gold coins. While counting his money the giant became drowsy and fell asleep. Jack crept up to the giant and stole his bag of gold.

He struggled down the beanstalk with his money and when got to the bottom he called for his mother. But she was also afraid she knew how dangerous the giant was and made Jack promise he would never go back. While Jack did promise, after awhile the money began to run out. Jack began to wonder if he would find anything else in the castle.

Once again, Jack decided he would go back up the beanstalk and back to the castle. Once again he reached the castle and climbed under the castle door. And once again he found the giant eating dinner at his table. When he was finished this time however the giant called for his magic hen. Jack was amazed when he saw the hen lay an egg of pure gold. While the giant was watching the hen he again became drowsy and fell asleep.

Jack crept silently to the table and grabbed the hen. When he returned home his mother was very angry that Jack had gone back to the castle.

Jack begged her not to and showed her how hen that could lay golden eggs. And once again when he was finished this time however the giant called for his magic harp. Jack watched as the harp began to play beautiful music all by itself. The music was so beautiful that before long the lazy giant was once again fast asleep. Jack crept silently to the table. But as soon as Jack picked up the harp it began playing very loudly in his strange hands and the giant awoke.

Jack raced to the beanstalk and slid down. He could feel the stalk shake as the giant began climbing down. Luckily his axe was near by and he began chopping down the beanstalk. Finally the stalk snapped and the giant fell to the earth never to be seen again.

Jack and his mother lived happily ever after. Jack fue a la cama esa noche triste y con hambre. Jack vio que el tallo alcanzaba las nubes. Una vez dentro vio a un gigante devorando su cena. Jack y su madre vivieron felices para siempre. Posted by Mia Khalifa at.


Cuento tradicional con valores: Las habichuelas mágicas



Cuento clásico: Las habichuelas mágicas



Las Habichuelas Mágicas



Jack y las habichuelas mágicas


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