Dec 23, Aayesha Khatri rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Gluttons for punishment Read for a second time on 9th August, Five wonderfully perfect, amazing stars. Boy, am I glad that I did! The heroine was so perfect, I loved her, I more than loved her! She was feisty, spirited, kickass, funny and had the best comebacks!

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We want you to think of this as your home. The tears came so easily these days, and she cried much too often for her own good. How did she feel about Grant?

Did she hate him? She missed him. At night, when she went to bed, her arms felt empty, and she yearned for his warmth, his voice, his touch, and the hopeless longing would bring on the now familiar tears before she eventually went to sleep. Liz wondered afterwards. How does one learn to cope with a longing that cannot be assuaged? Would there ever come a time when a day would pass without thinking of Grant, or a night without dreaming of him?

If only she could look forward to the future instead of looking back into the past, but everything that was of importance to her lay in the past. There was no future for her without Grant. There had never been anyone else; it had always been Grant, and no one else could ever take his place. There was something the matter with Grant!

What else could it be? She was being ridiculous! Why would Joe come to her instead of Myra? Liz could not deny that she was curious, and more than just a little anxious. News of Grant would be like manna from heaven, she admitted to herself when she brushed her hair and troubled up her make-up, and her hands were still shaking a little when she smoothed down her skirt and checked her appearance in the mirror.

She had lost weight, and the shadows beneath her eyes gave her a haunted, unfamiliar look, but in every other way she had matured. Her face was the face of a woman who had known passion and sorrow. The defiance of youth had departed to leave her totally unassuming; she expected nothing and dare not hope for anything.

She went downstairs, and hoped that she looked calmer than she felt at that moment. It felt looked calmer than she felt at that moment.

So much had happened since then, and so many futile tears had been shed. Joe came towards her when she entered the living-room, and her hands were gripped so tightly that her fingers ached. What I have to discuss with you concerns Grant. Try to reason with him, and make him see sense. He was rather incoherent and distraught, but he mentioned something about sending you away, and that he blamed himself entirely for your miscarriage. Go and pat feel guilty about me in future? Because of her?

The house of mirrors was the last place on earth she would choose for a confrontation with Grant. You want to surprise him? His fingers brushed lightly against her cheek. Hang on to that thought, Liz. Angus was still stretched out in his favourite chair and Stacy was clearing away the coffee cups when Liz entered the living-room. Myra had been so determined to get Grant, but she had walked out on him again the moment he was hers for the taking.

What am I supposed to make of that? Liz wondered confusedly. Townsend have to discuss with you? It took her several minutes, but they listened to her without interrupting. What she had said was the unvarnished truth. She loved Grant, and she would always love him. That was the reason she was contemplating this mad, crazy, impossible schemeā€¦but what if it worked?

What if Joe had been right in thinking that Grant loved her after all?


House of Mirrors



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