Araktilar Use only Hilti spray or such of equivalent quality. This may strongly affect the ingly with Hilti spray. E Power regulation The driving power is adjusted by means of a knurled wheel on the side of the tool. Insert piston guide in housing.

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Page 2: Safety Precautions Only use Hilti cartridges or cartridges of equivalent quality spare parts or those of equivalent quality. The use of cartridges of inferior quality in Hilti tools may lead to build-up of unburned Never attempt to pry a cartridge from magazine strip or tool. Page 3 The drop-firing safety device is the result of coupling the firing mechanism with the cocking movement. This is designed to help prevent the Hilti DX tool from firing when it is dropped onto a hard surface, no matter at which angle the impact occurs.

The DX employs the well-proven piston principle, thus providing an optimum of working and fastening safety. Page 5 Assembly Insert piston in its guide. Insert piston guide in housing. Slot in piston Press stop ring on fastener guide. Slide over baseplate. Recess in baseplate must align with raised Insert fastener guide in piston guide. Screw on baseplate as far as it goes, then screw back until it snaps in place. Page 6 Operation Hold tool with muzzle upwards. Insert fasten- Pull firmly to release and swing over cocking Pull back loading grip on cocking lever as far Insert cartridge magazine in base of grip.

This may strongly affect the ingly with Hilti spray. Use only Hilti spray or such of equivalent quality. Page 8 It may be necessary to lubricate the baseplate and piston guide slightly using Hilti spray. Stiff cycling action: Use Hilti spray to lubricate the piston guide and A deformed stop ring may jam on the piston.

The fastener guide and piston bind together and have to be separated. As a result, the tool bears the PTB approval Designation: Powder-actuated tool mark of square shape showing approval number S In this way, Hilti guarantees compliance with the approved type.



Hilti DX 450 Operating Instructions Manual

P8, Studs for bolted fastenings on concrete and steel. Page Safety Precautions Never attempt to pry a cartridge from the magazine To avoid the risk of injury, use only original Hilti fas- strip or the tool. Page Before Use If necessary, Flying fragments may injure parts have the tool repaired at a Hilti service centre. For more specific information, refer to the Hilti Fastening Technology Manual, which is available from your local Hilti organisation. Release the magazine cover by pressing the release button.


Hilti DX460 Operating Instructions Manual


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