When redrawing this map, you can make it as big as you like! As a result, few companies will have franchises in every marketplace in Admittedly, playing out battles with them was quite unweildy. I enjoy the Fourth Edition rules a lot. Gangs are still widespread, but attacks on local communities start to die down as a constant concern. Not so big on cars shooting at each other, though.

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Open your page menu and set it like so: Page size: any by any Scale: 1 hex should be 3 feet or 1 meter if using books published with metric units when using standard rules. Background: I like to keep it a simple white. Grid: Enabled, size 0.

Type: Both Hex Grids are equally effective. Opacity: To the taste of the players; the grid should be visible, but unobtrusive. There is a bit of a learning curve however. The negative side of this is that the more automated or script heavy you make your GURPS Roll20 game in Roll20, the less you and your players need to know the rules. While this may not seem bad from your perspective, it is not necessarily good for SJG in the long run why buy the books when the rules are built into some freely available Roll20 scripts?

Other Tips Note: The bulk of this section was written in , so is likely heavily outdated. Condition Cards Create an infinite card deck for the various GURPS conditions stunned, wounded, bleeding, etc and make it fully available to the players.

They can then pull them from the deck into their "Hand" to remind them of their current conditions. Include the basic rules for each condition on the card. In order to use this, the selected token must have the attribute "Basic Speed" on its associated character sheet. For tokens without a character sheet e.

Add to Turn Order this probably depends on the Character Sheet template you use Once everyone is added, simply sort the turn order box descending. Movement Roll On Crit Table if necessary Roll Hit Location if not a targeted attack Roll Damage Apply Damage Modifiers Apply Damage You can make the turn order reminders as basic or detailed as you want and eventually remove them as everyone learns the flow of combat.

The Turn Order tracker can also be used for timed effects.


List of GURPS books

It turns out oil dried up in the s, somehow. Well, it seemed inevitable at the time. Meanwhile, Britain falls into a civil war sparked by Ireland, starting the "Irish War". Beirut is nuked by unnamed, faceless terrorists, which creates increased anti-terrorism policies from countries, largely of dubious efficacy. We also get the electric car early, as well as the discovery of crude virtual reality technology.


GURPS Autoduel: Roleplaying in the World of Car Wars

Malasida Thankfully, most vehicles give qutoduel bonus to Driver rolls. Even though the U. Roads are in bad repair and mostly vanish under the weather, and a lot of travel has to be done by expensive plane. Houston is only really known for its fortified university — the rest of the city is run by savages. At least Steve and company were on the mark with the predictions about gas reserves running low checked the pump lately?

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