This got my attention, to say the least, and seemed to connect with my own attempts to theorise audiovisual, generative and data practices. How does "presence culture" manifest in the new media arts? Gumbrecht argues that this is a relatively modern state. In presence cultures, by comparison, humans understand themselves as bodies within a material cosmology - Gumbrecht uses Medieval culture as an example.

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Based on this assessment of the past and the future of literary studies and the humanities, the book develops the provocative thesis that, through their exclusive dedication to interpretation, i. Events described range from boxing matches to prodction conversations, and Gumbrecht profiles artistic greats and public figures alongside workers, farmers, and engineers to depict the emergence of new sensibilities that transcended boundaries of class, race, gender, or nation.

Fascinating, audacious, and clearly written. An important work exploring the alternatives to the Apollonian world of meaning in the experience of presence, integrating insights about the aesthetic life and intense, fully-lived human experience.

Views Read Edit View history. These are epiphanypresentification, and deixis. Bas Production of Presence is a comprehensive version of the thinking of Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, one of the most consistently original literary scholars writing today. Futures for the Humanities and Arts. Putting aside the many precautions taken by Hans-Ulrich Gumbrecht to expound his position with nuance, one can bluntly summarize his main thesis in The Production of Presence as follows: No trivia or quizzes yet.

Return to Book Page. Space, Politics, Affect N. Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey By identifying specific moods as temporal in nature, he attempts to capture the spirit of particular time periods and to recreate how they were experienced by people living at those times. As the subtitle suggests, Gumbrecht addresses the shortcomings of our Cartesian legacy, which is obsessed with meaning and hermeneutics.

Production of Presence is a passionate plea for a rethinking and a reshaping of the intellectual practice within the humanities. The Production of Presence: Refresh and try again. Retrieved August 13, It synthesizes many nascent threads in contemporary philosophy seeking to surpass the post-modern turn. It offers a personalized account of some of the central theoretical movements in literary studies and in the humanities over the past thirty years, together with an equally personal view of a possible future.

An Anecdotal Account of Epistemological Shifts. Smart book but I disagreed with his thesis. Over the past forty years, he has published more than two thousand texts, including books, translated into more than twenty languages. But herein lies the most frustrating thing about this book: Thrift No preview available — In this book the Stanford University professor offers an original approach to the humanities, combining a review of the theoretical achievements of the last thirty years with a forecast for future research.

Production hams Presence is a passionate plea for a rethinking and a reshaping prresence the intellectual practice within the humanities.


Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Dec 11, Emm rated it liked it Shelves: Producion his writing, Gumbrecht emphasizes the importance of material experience to consuming literature and art. Bring back the thingness of the world. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht — Wikipedia San Francisco State University, a nice combination of both, at times: It offers a personalized account of some of the central theoretical movements in literary studies and in the humanities presenxe the past thirty years, together with an equally personal view of a possible future. As well as publishing academic works and teaching graduate and undergraduate students at Stanford, Gumbrecht is recognized as a public intellectual in Europe and South America and contributes to a range of newspapers and journals in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. Fascinating, audacious, and clearly written. An attitude that gives a higher value to the meaning of phenomena than to their material presence. People seriously interested in art, semiotics and the humanities in general.


Gumbrecht, a professor of literature at Stanford University, recounts the rise of interpretation to its current dominant position in humanistic activities. He then explores the much different lived experience of presence. With appreciation for the value of presence and with concern for the future of face-to-face education, Gumbrecht describes a new structure of nonhermeneutic activities for artistic humanities. Others who assess value, allocate resources, and produce services in the communications industry might find this book less practical. Communications industry analysts and entrepreneurs have begun to recognize that presence is central to value in communications services. Most persons probably would not easily understand much of what Gumbrecht discusses. Gumbrecht points to stimulating paths for exploring the relationship between presence of persons and presence of things of the world.


He specialized in Romance Philology and German Literature , but also studied philosophy and sociology during his university years, which took him to Munich , Regensburg , Salamanca , Pavia , and Konstanz. Over forty scholars of theory, philosophy, and literary studies who had worked with Gumbrecht attended the conference. Stanford football coach David Shaw also attended. As an Emeritus, Gumbrecht continues to write, participate in campus life, and meet with students. Scholarly work[ edit ] Stimmung, or cultural moods[ edit ] Gumbrecht has written extensively on " Stimmung ", a German word also referencing the tuning of musical instruments, but more commonly meaning " mood " and as such used by Gumbrecht to indicate the mood or atmosphere of a particular era or artistic work.

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