Goltir See each listing for international valtech options and costs. This is new and unused, it is in good shape and ready to be installed and go to work. Skip to main content. Their manufacturing process includes case-hardening and quench hardening. One-way oil pump which can only rotate by clockwise direction.

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Pumps are available with cast iron flanges and covers to reduce noise level. Tapered, straight or splined shafts are available. It is possible to supply rear covers with pressure relief valves and flow control valves.

All standard pumps are preconfigured for multi pump buildup, using the coupling kits, available. Multiple Pumps Multiple pumps are available in two or more configurations and can be assembled in standard tandem or short tandem common or separate suction and short tandem for high and low pressure including low pressure pump unloading valve.

Gear Motors External gear motors available in Group 2 and Group 3 sizes, divided into 17 displacements from 4 to 61,1cc, up to bars maximum working pressure and maximum speed up to rpm, and hydrostatic balanced to reduce axial slack. Gear motors are available in unidirectional and bi rotational versions. Reversible motors can be used in series circuit. Tapered, straight or splined shaft. It is possible to assemble covers with two speed functions, and with pressure relief valve.

These valves can be assembled with several controls and positioning options, spools with different flow sensitivity settings. Monobloc directional control valves Available from 1 to 8 working sections, with flow up to LPM and maximum working pressure up to bars. Auxiliary valves can be assembled directly on directional control valve, such as anti-shock valves, anti-cavitation valves or both.

Sectional directional control valves Available from 1 to 10 working sections, with flow up to LPM and with maximum working pressure up to bars. Every element is supplied with a built in check valve. Each work section can be equipped with port cartridges or auxiliary valves to control pressure, anti-shock valves, anti cavitation valves or combined. These valves can be assembled with inlet sections and intermediate elements with built-in pressure and flow controls.

Load-Sensing control valves Proportional load sensing post-compensated valves GSL series with flow sharing technology, cast iron body and nickel-plated spools, flow up to LPM and pressure up to bars. The series GSL can be used with fixed displacement pumps and variable displacement pumps load sensing.


Galtech Pumps and Valves



Galtech Group2 Gear Pumps


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