Several bad capacitors have caused a cascade of problems through the voltage regulation and main amplifier sections of the device. These supply rails are exposed and easily "bumped into" if the case is opened. Back in the day, the list price was almost 12, USD. Now a days you can pick one up for a few hundred on eBay. As many of you with degrees in engineering may find a smile overtly expensive some days, it is worth mentioning that no smile is required to operate a a.

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Available from John Fluke Mfg. Each of the two inte- grators A2 and A3 has five separate capacitive feedback paths two on this pcb, three on the A9 pcb that can be switched in and out of the circuit to change the frequency range of the oscillator.

The Model A is a guarded, precision AC Calibrator designed for use in calibration laboratories and in manufacturing environments.

The reference input is produced as a re- sult of front panel amplitude selection, and is described in paragraph The quadrature output leads the regular output in phase by 90 degrees. The oscillator frequency is controlled over a Do not change the test equipment settings until the 10 mV readings are complete. The enabling signals come from IC gate pack U4 on sheet 1. The accuracy and sta- bility of the output voltage and frequency are listed in the specifications contained in Section 1. The result of the combined phase shifts around the loop is approximate- ly degrees at all frequencies.

Set the A output to 10 volts on the volt range. Insure power is removed from the A. Allow at least six hours for drying time before reapplying power to the A.

Set the 5 A output to the voltage and frequency range desired. The following procedural sub-paragraphs deal with voltage amplitude and linearity for all voltage ranges except the milli volts. Front pan- el or remote selection of the least significant amplitude digit adds or subtracts positive voltage to or from the inte- grator input, resulting in an adjustment of amplitude con- trol voltage.

If desired, a spectrum analyzer may be used to test frequencies above kHz using a method similar to that detailed in paragraph A. C BROCHURE PDF Stop electronic waste — fix it yourself This alters the dc potential of the sum- ming junction, and an error voltage is produced at pin mqnual When operating from one tabular flow chart and refered to a second or a table, perform the stated table and then return to the original table and the step being performed when the transfer origi- nated.

Phase locking starts when an external frequency is squared, by amplifier Flukw sheet 3 and applied to phase de- tector U6. Remove any shorting links or external connections from the output terminals. Obtain a null on the ac differential voltmeter 93 IB.

This warranty shall not apply to fuses, disposable batteries rechargeable type batteries are warranted for daysor any product or parts which have been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, or abnormal conditions of operations. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Perform the load regulation test using the following procedure: At full-range percent setting, the amplitude will be 10V rms.

If the DVM has a guard it must be con- nected to the low input terminal. A complete set of schematic diagrams is contained in Section 8 of this manual. The accuracy on the 1-,and mV ranges de- pends on precision inductive dividers which are tested at the factory with special verification equipment, and do not require periodic adjustment. Control of the Oscillator output amplitude starts with detection of the positive slope zero crossings of the oscillator amplifier output by amplifier U1 sheet 2.

Since the output of the Power Amplifier is always greater than Fpuke rms, the Attenuator is necessary in order flkke obtain calibrator outputs in the range of 0. External Frequency Input Voltage accuracy is then the algebraic sum of all errors noted up to that measure- ment level. The A can operate from any one of four possible line voltages.

The equipment should be connected as shown in Figure with both inner covers installed. Other frequency ranges should be substantially better in output level flatness versus frequency.

Places calibrator in local control mode by enabling front panel controls. Output Accuracy Test — Voltage Ranges 1. Amplifier U14 is fed by the quadrature fuke A10A2 and has a gain of 3. Each pin is uniquely desig- mnaual, starting at the top of each group with PI, suffixed with the group letter, and proceeding consecutively to the bottom. Switching within the Attenuator selects the correct tap on the correct transformer in accordance with the front panel amplitude range selection, and connects that tap to the calibrator out- put.

Repeat steps mamual through f until they can be performed without adjustment. Refer to sheet 1 of A Low Frequency Distortion Tests With the of the extender board, these are common items which may be easily ob- tained or fabricated locally. Polarities must be matched with the output terminals. Insure that all other standard assemblies are installed in the instrument and the coaxial conhex connector cables are con- nected.

Remove the instrument compartment inner cover. The following procedure verifies the amplitude accuracy for the 1 MHz range: Logic signals F through N outputs 0 through 7 inver- ted are held low, inhibiting the drive gates for K1 and K Related Posts.


Fluke 5200A Precision Alternating Voltage Calibrator

Mujas The following procedural sub-paragraphs deal with voltage amplitude and linearity for all voltage ranges except the milli volts. Because of the extremely low level of the mV outputs, and the fact that external sense cannot be used, it is necessary to exercise care when calibrating mV measuring instruments. Available from John Fluke Flue. The Motherboard assembly consists of 8 female, pin, card-edge connectors and 83 indivi- dual male connector pins all mounted on a pcb.






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