While 8 took a turn to the more realistic and futuristic, Final Fantasy IX brought the series back to its roots. This game is truly a fantasy RPG - evident in both the story and the setting. Final Fantasy IX received huge accolades when it was released and is still listed as one of the top games in the series - though it is definitely not my favorite as outlined below. The gameplay is solid, the story and the characters are a true throwback to previous Final Fantasy games. In saying that, I do not mean to imply that it is a bad game, but it certainly has more flaws and problems than any of its predecessors and these flaws and problems were much more difficult to ignore. FF9 is definitely still worth playing, and is still a good game overall, but it does not compare to some of the other games.

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And this here is it. This update has been a huge project, and it would not have been possible without the incredible amount of help and effort from several amazing and dedicated individuals.

Special thanks go out to in alphabetical order, trophies in the credits! However, it is extremely difficult. Check the Frequently Asked Questions section for more details. A00 II.

Main Goals of this Challenge. B00 III. The Problem of Max Stats. C00 IV. Using this Guide. D00 V. Video Assistance. E00 VI. F00 1. Disc F01 2. F02 3. F03 4. F04 VII. G00 VIII. Perfect Stats. H00 IX. Treasure Locations. I00 X. Frequently Asked Questions. J00 XI. K00 XII. Version History. L00 XIII. Contrary to initial impressions, the Excalibur II - obtainable in Memoria only within 12 hours of starting the game - and a completionist playthrough are not mutually exclusive. Perfection is the highest level of quality and that is what this guide will direct you toward; a quality perfect playthrough of the game.

So will you. You will miss nothing, you will obtain everything. Those are the conditions and they are well within reach. Obsessive-compulsive and anal-retentive qualities will prove advantageous.

A perfect game at Lv 1 within 12 hours? Successful candidates shall demonstrate an above-average ability in the art of the Soft Reset as well as have patience stats through the roof.

Everything which can be permanently missed in a perfect save must be completed within 12 hours. Practice makes perfect but a certain degree of speed run ability is required as time is unforgiving. For the indecisive, this challenge ends at the start of Disc 3, so decision time will come sooner or later.

Some are satisfied with getting all items, others with learning all abilities and still others with getting max stats, or any combination of these ideas and more. Therefore, this guide includes all goals which you may want in your perfect save, and all are accounted for simultaneously. This means that you can complete all of the goals below using this walkthrough; compromise was not an option when I set about doing this, and it should not be for you, either.

That said, here is a rundown of the goals which you will be guided toward for a perfect save, with precise explanations below:. What is the "perfect amount" to have? The former part is clearly the minimum which you should have for your perfect save. The maximum would be 99 excluding the impractical option of keeping as many as possible equipped and then buying The only amount higher than the minimum which still has some meaningful i.

So which items are missable and how many do I need? Of these, 9 are used as synthesis inputs, making another 8 items potentially missable. And 2 of these are needed for further synthesis combinations, which adds 2 more to the count, for a grand total of 41 missable non-unique items in FFIX.

This means that you only need to buy the 31 basic missables in the right amounts, and can leave the rest of the work for after the challenge. Most cannot be bought, and if they can, then only in a limited amount. Why not perfect amounts? This means you can get a total of 9 copies from the Auction House equip one on each character and buy 1 more.

However, 1 more copy is found in the Desert Palace. So if you buy all 9 from the Auction House before heading to the Desert Palace, you can have a total of This might make the 10th copy seem pointless. Therefore you can treat the 10th copy as a missable unique item, and the 9 others as the requirement for acquiring and keeping it. The quantities provided are maximum quantities without synthesis. NOTE: Some of the gems are also temporarily gotten during the Friendly Monsters side-quest, but they cannot be kept without leaving the side-quest incomplete.

Those copies are therefore not included here. If not, you will have to reset and try again. Time does really add up doing this! Either way it will be visible that you got all 4. The 4 colored stones are gotten on the Conde Petie Mountain Path on Disc 2 as part of a minor optional side-quest. You can trade them in for a missable and unique Moonstone, or keep them as missable key items. The former lets you have all Moonstone and complete the side-quest, while the latter lets you keep 4 nice key items proving you could have completed it if you had wanted to.

The Athlete Queen is your reward for getting him to Lv80, and can only be gotten then and there at the beginning of Disc 3. As with the colored stones, you can choose to complete the side-quest and get the Mini-Prima-Vista to appear in the Tantalus hideout, or keep the 3 coffees in your inventory forever. So you need to collect a certain minimum of the missable treasures as well. In the end, there is no real reason for not getting any of these key items as they can all be gotten within the limits of this challenge and require no compromises to be made in order to get them.

Furthermore, you can only work on them after getting the Excalibur II as you are not only limited by the Lv at which you begin, but also by the available selection of equipment. What does this mean for you? It means that you will be playing the whole game at Lv 1! If the game let you, that is. Depending on what your priorities for your perfect save are, you may have to defeat Tantarian and gain his EXP as well.

The issue of the Lv 1 Game and max stats is covered in detail in the next two sections of the guide. Reading and receiving all other mail is also a part of this goal. That means you will receive all letters addressed to Zidane and read all the letters from Stiltzkin and other moogles to each other. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to simply check the Mognet option every time you meet a moogle, even if it is for the second time in a row.

If there is anything to read, receive or deliver you will immediately be prompted to do so. Here is a list of all the letters which you must deliver and read during the course of the challenge, in chronological order:.

It is also very lucrative, as you can actually make a profit from most of his deals, get several copies of unique items, and even a Ribbon as a reward for buying all the offers. They are all listed below in chronological order, with locations and prices:. You want to be as complete as possible in this challenge and you have to defeat Amdusias anyway as the Running Shoes are given as a reward.

Thus, you may as well defeat the other 2 monsters for the sake of completion and some minor benefit 15, Gil from Catoblepas. The problem is that unlike with unique items or side-quests, stat perfection is rather subjective. Due to the way the stat system is designed, it is impossible to max all stats for any character. Everyone is capable of reaching 50 Spirit, but no one can reach the max in the other 3 stats, except Zidane, who can reach 50 Speed.

So then how can you get "max" stats? The perfect result is therefore not the highest possible to be comprehended by the game, which would be 99, but rather the highest attainable in normal gameplay.

Simply put, you effectively forfeit points in 1 or more stats in order to raise another; you can NEVER raise any stat without neglecting to raise another as much as possible.

For example, using the Robe of Lords will give each stat 1 bonus point, but that means you forfeit giving Magic 2 points with the White Robe, or Spirit 3 with the Dark Gear, and so on, depending on what equipment a character can use.

That is why no character can have their highest rating in all stats at once. This in turn means that there is no universal set of highest stats for any character; each player can allocate stat points differently. ORDERED paths maximize stats according to the practical importance of each stat to each character, giving priority to the more useful stats. SPR determines critical hit rate, Steal rate, Trance gauge fill rate and Trance duration, Thief and Knight Sword damage, probability of Counter activating, the duration of status effects, and more.


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