The main character in this chapter of Ruiz Zafons multi-volume tale is Fermin Romero de Torres, friend to the Sempere family, the owners of a struggling bookshop, in Barcelona. While other characters get their time on stage, this is Fermins tale. And a compelling story it is, from the time he adopted his name, through his less than friendly encounters with Spanish fascists in , including a stint in a top-of-the-hill prison that would have been at home in the mind of Kafka or Bram Stoker, to the present when a ghost from his time in prison comes calling. I confess that I found myself at loose ends a fair bit. As this is a continuation of the previous stories, or at the very least, is linked to them, I found myself, ironically, constantly straining to remember who this or that was, and what happened to them, or what it was that they had done. And even though I had read both prior books and kept notes on them, one of a thousand hard drive crashes had annihilated much of the information, and also, my note-taking was not quite so OCD as it is these days, so even the retained notes were of less than outstanding value.

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Tornant del Liceu en la nit del 7 de novembre de Mirant el fill que mama, -la mare que sospira, el pare arruga el front. Йs cega. Ella cauria. Beu poc, sens gaire set. Del contrapunt arrencant-se novella, La sardana йs la dansa mйs bella de totes les danses que es fan i es desfan.

Ja hi tornaran de parella en parella! Tot ma pаtria cabrа en eixa anella, i els pobles diran: la sardana йs la dansa mйs bella de totes les danses que es fan i es desfan. O йs que aquest "fк etern" йs ja la mort? Mes llavores, la vida, quи seria? Tant se val! Ja ho sй que sou, Senyor; pro on sou, qui ho sap? Tot lo que veig se vos assembla en mi Deixeu-me creure, doncs, que sou aquн. Jo vui parlar-te - molt altrament. Per quE vessar la sang inъtil? On sуn els barcos?

Espanya, Espanya, - retorna en tu, arrenca el plor de mare! On ets, Espanya? No entens aquesta llengua - que et parla entre perills? Adйu, Espanya! Oh companyia! Oh deslliurant presу! Gira, gira els ulls enlaire, no miris les platges roпns, dуna el front en el gran aire, sempre, sempre mar endins. Sempre amb les veles suspeses, del cel al mar transparent, sempre entorn aigьes esteses Fuig-ne de la terra immoble, fuig dels horitzons mesquins: sempre al mar, al gran mar noble; sempre, sempre mar endins.


Dilema del presoner



“El presoner del cel” de Carlos Ruiz Zafón


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