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Start your review of The Man in the Rockefeller Suit: The Astonishing Rise and Spectacular Fall of a Serial Impostor Write a review Shelves: non-fiction , criminal-minds , audiobooks , library-books , reads Not only did I read well, technically, listen to this in one day, but practically in one sitting.

What can I say? Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter , the young German made his first American "contacts" while thumbing rides on Not only did I read well, technically, listen to this in one day, but practically in one sitting. Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter , the young German made his first American "contacts" while thumbing rides on the autobahn in hopes of escaping the perceived doldrums of his life in Bavaria.

In , the seventeen-year-old made his way to the U. And let the lying begin! He knew how to ingratiate himself well enough to get in the door, but also had a knack for wearing out his welcome. His stint as a student in Wisconsin, "Chris Gerhart" nabbed himself a green card by way of a shotgun wedding, before he was on to bigger and better things. By the time he made his way to California the wealthy community of San Marino, to be precise , Christopher Mountbatten Chichester his pseudonym evolved with his persona had taken his pedigree from coming from "money" to straight up royalty.

He knew how to schmooze with the best of them, how to say the right things to the right people, how to get introduced around, all the while leveraging the credibility of newfound friends as his own. He was also smart. Smart enough to be able to "talk shop" on a variety of subjects, and smart enough to give his stories the veneer of truth necessary to establish basic trust.

Another move meant another name, so Christopher Chichester became Chris Crowe third from the left, above for his new life in Greenwich, CT. Of course there were signs and certainly many that people can think of retrospect. Using the social security number of a David Berkowitz aka the Son of Sam probably sent up some red flags. His inability to actually do anything when he landed himself a job at a Wall Street firm raised enough concern to get him fired. We justify bad decisions and misplaced trust more often than not.

Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me illustrates some great examples, small and large, of how deeply ingrained this tendency is in all of us. And Clark Rockefeller his given name circa capitalized on this in his courtship of and marriage to high-powered McKinsey exec Sandra Boss most of all. But a slight change in perspective can make a huge difference. People who he had crossed e. When Boss finally decided it was time for a divorce, Rockefeller went for that ever-useful solution to all marriage problems — having a baby note my sarcasm.

This part of the story is complicated. Rockefeller was basically using his wife as a cash cow, and pushing her to work more and more. The pregnancy was not planned. Though, as mug and courtroom photos below would suggest, he was captured days later.

My biggest criticism of this book was that it was a bit light on trial material. I, for one, did not finish this book feeling confused as to whether Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter was a delusional victim of mental illness, or a master manipulator. Three or four pages worth of interested in the story?


Dziwny przypadek Rockefellera. Zdumiewająca kariera i spektakularny upadek seryjnego oszusta

Docage He would be xziwny as an invisible reporter relaying the deets. I burned through this book in just six days. To ask other readers questions about The Man in the Rockefeller Suitplease sign up. Mar 18, Kevin rated it it was amazing. I really felt that the book dragged in parts and did not give me a complete picture — there are clearly holes in this story.


"Dziwny przypadek Rockefellera". Jak zostać oszustem. Poradnik w formie bestsellera



Dziwny przypadek Rockefellera. (miękka)



Dziwny przypadek Rockefellera


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