Some years later, U. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright called America the indispensable nation. Bush crowed: We are an empire now. Moreover, the global fiscal meltdown, triggered by the sub-prime mortgage crisis on Wall Street, exposed a stark fact: The heavily indebted America had ceased to be the financial behemoth it had been since World War II. After Empire sketches the contours of a complex world system emerging during the late imperial phase of the U.

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Dilip Hiro. Nation Books, Perseus, New York, Modern history and current events are aligned in this excellent text from Dilip Hiro. The second event, a decade later, was the attack on the World Trade Center and the subsequent series of attacks and manipulations around the world combined with the stealthy annexation of the powers of the constitution towards executive supremacy in the U.

In writing about it, Hiro covers a wide range of topics effectively. They range through warfare, economics, oil, democracy, capitalism, Islamism, soft power and hard power, media, investments, the business of war, liberty, decolonization, foreign aid, interventions clandestine or overt. All major countries, as necessitated by their many global interactions, are essential parts of the story. An excellent summary and history of the modern Soviet Union collapse followed by the Russian revival provides a strong base for events that occur later.

Other considerations are with the state of the European Union, economically powerful yet also fighting its own internal economic wars, while generally remaining within the U. Just as many historical events have dates and an action set to indicate the start of the overall course of the history, several items stand out for the U. First in time, would be the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the financial opportunism that directed most of the U.

More obviously to outsiders would be the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now on into Pakistan, and the manner in which the U. To those inside the U. Hiro outlines succinctly and accurately the U. The war in Iraq which was essentially about oil and Israel, the news of torture and human rights violations from Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, the denial of international law, all contributed to the quick erosion of any moral force that the U. From that start, the work then travels through the travails of other countries.

The revival is credited to the hard lines of Vladimir Putin, operating under the constitution brought in by the U. Next up, Iran and Venezuela are well placed in context — and that is what this book does best, especially compared to other works on the declining empire, is to place things in context.

China, India, and the European Union follow, each with concise well constructed chapters clearly highlighting the major relationships internally and externally. S relations , resources oil and gas obviously the big ideas here , the political tension between China, Taiwan and the U.

For a work that accounts for current events and modern history, this is an excellent resource. The ideas, arguments, and factual notes are well placed within context of a global empire undergoing its transition from supremacy to a multipolar world.


After Empire: The Birth of a Multipolar World



After Empire : The Birth of a Multipolar World


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