Tzeentch and Nurgle make your guys even tougher. Wide range of miniatures so painting never gets boring. Daemons and Thousand sons together is one of the best armies in the game right now, with some of the best untargetable characters hiding behind an obscenely tough swarm of troops. Lots of different playstyles with 4 different gods, monsters, hordes, magic and so on.

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Tzeentch and Nurgle make your guys even tougher. Wide range of miniatures so painting never gets boring. Daemons and Thousand sons together is one of the best armies in the game right now, with some of the best untargetable characters hiding behind an obscenely tough swarm of troops.

Lots of different playstyles with 4 different gods, monsters, hordes, magic and so on. Probably even more mixing with CSM Daemonkin later on and therefore even more different units to use. Build your army on the battlefield with summoning but now in a very fucking crappy limited fashion Possible charge after now fucked up summoning.

Your daemon spells are meh and buffs are limited to daemons of the same god but you can spam Smite all over the place.

Space Marines and other expensive armored units will hate you for that. Lots of units with FLY wording for disengage engage shenanigans or for charging those annoying DEldar fighters and bombers. Your Daemon Prince murdermachines can hide behind other troops. Looks like rumors! The fact that Furies who are supposed to be Chaos Undivided incarnate have to take marks is a big hint. You can play hordes but your hordes cost quite some points, especially in comparison to other hordes Orks, Tyranids, Guard, Daemons have a low leadership value in comparison to other hordes and only one option to improve it a bit place a Greater Daemon near your hordes until he gets lascannon sniped.

Not much shooting capabilities. You really have to get up close as fast as possible, on foot because Not a lot of cheap anti-horde capabilities besides Slaanesh compared to enemy horde point costs.

Have fun You will have trouble with fast Space Elves and shooty Guard, Tau armies - always. Especially ones that can kill your Greater Daemons on turn one with some heavy armed flyers or lascannons.

Really CP intensive, if you want to do it right but not many stratagems to spend it on unless youre running mixed daemons detachments if you are running mono-god detachments you will likely only have useful stratagems in the whole book!

Simply not a competitive army at the moment. This could change with the release of engine war! Changes from 7th Edition[ edit ] A big part of the skub that arose with the release of the new daemon codex comes from the changed playstyle of the army.

All daemons could deepstrike and were fearless per definition and now have to care more about mobility and morale a lot. To add insult to injury the nerf to summoning has made tailoring your list on the fly through harder. The army bonus for mono god detachments means it is harder to customize armies.

Faction Keywords[ edit ] Alignment this is what Chaos god the unit is affiliated with, Khorne the god of blood, Tzeentch the god of trickery, Nurgle the god of plague and Slaanesh the god of excess. Daemon these are the units you can put in your Detachments.

Special Rules[ edit ] Daemonic Ritual: Any Chaos character can attempt to summon a unit instead of moving. The summoner can only summon daemons of their own alignment. Roll up to 3 d6, you can then summon a unit of equal or less power level than the number rolled. New unit is treated as reinforcements, can be placed 9" from enemy and 12" from summoner. Doubles is a mortal wound on summoner, Triples is d3MW. Cypher used to, but cannot any more.

Roll 9D6 instead of 3, but your Character gets splattered if you roll triples. It has some serious problem in that a Bloodletter bomb cannot be upgraded using the banner of blood stratagem, and cannot go into a detachment to build you CP, and your warlord can never be summoned this way Daemonic Legions: Objective Secured, 8th Edition Daemons style.

Unstoppable Ferocity: Khorne models get this. Now, this helps, but unfortunately Bloodletters and the like may feel it when the enemy kills them before they can strike back.

As always, get that charge. Ephemeral Form: Tzeentch models get this. Self-explanatory, really. Disgustingly Resilient: Nurgle models get this. Now back on bog-standard Plaguebearers! Quicksilver Swiftness: Slaanesh models get this. Models with this confusingly written special rule always attack first in close combat, unless they were charged by something else, or the enemy unit has a similar ability, or a stratagem is used to interrupt combat flow in which case you alternate activation as normal starting with the player whose turn it is.

Slaanesh is the weakest Chaos god? Fuck that noise Boon of Change: An ok, but not really power. WC7 selects a Tzeentch Daemon unit within 18" and gives it a mutation! WC9 WC8 now, a little bit easier to cast. However, auto causes an enemy unit within 18" to take d3 Mortal Wounds! If you kill a character, it becomes a spawn! Also it says clearly in the codex that you have to pay reinforcement points for the spawn in competitive games, which is fucking stupid.

Gaze of Fate: WC6. If manifested, you can re-roll a single die roll later that turn. Free re-rolls are always useful and it does not eat a command point.

Treason of Tzeentch: The cool one. You can choose an enemy character within 18", except the enemy warlord. It is then yours for the Shooting, Charge and Fight phases! Flickering Flames: WC5. Your Horrors can now hold their own in the shooting phase even without smite spamming with this active. Infernal Gateway: WC 8. If manifested, identify the nearest visible enemy model within 12" of the psyker. Ideal for punishing enemies that like to huddle close to characters with auras.

Treason of Tzeentch is unreliable in extreme, e. Infernal Gateway is also tough to activate, but unlike Smite or Bolt of Change it can hit multiple units at once. Flickering Flames is cheap to cast and it helps to patch up one of your weaknesses for good measure. Gaze of Fate is an absolute must-have no matter what your plan is. Always have at least one Psyker that can use it at any given time.

Nurgle units are unaffected. Until the start of your next psychic phase, they have -1 toughness. Yes, this can affect vehicles. Combo with Virulent Blessing for extra Nurgle-tainted cheese. So any 6s do double damage, essentially. WC6, -1 to hit against said unit. Stops exploding attacks and such.

Highest WC of 7 means the whole discipline is relatively easy to cast too! Roll 2d6 add 2 if WC roll was 10 or higher targeting closest visible enemy unit within 18". That unit suffers a mortal wound for each point that your 2d6 exceeds their leadership.

Harder to make work but potentially more damaging when it does work. What a sweet song this Choir sings. Armies whose morale loses are capped at one like Dark Angels or normally have such low model counts thay they never worry about morale like Custodes are just as susceptible to Slaaneshi mind-fuckery as everyone else. This also means that single-model units that normally never take morale tests can be affected. Tyranids in particular can go fuck themselves.

For reference, a mighty Carnifex has a base leadership of six. Nearest enemy unit within 18" suffers -1 To-hit until the start of your next psychic phase. Potentially a great pick against more Elite Armies. Cast while using Deamonettes with the Masque for fun and profit. Targets a friendly unit of Slaanesh Daemons that is in combat and lets them pile in and fight as if it were the fight phase.

Killy Slaanesh daemons are getting an additional fight phase? Can be useful. It is also great for allied Warp Talons, Possessed or Mutilators of Slaanesh that can survive a round of combat. A nerfed version of the Chaos Space Marine power. An excellent horde-buster that gets more powerful with the size of the targeted unit. Enemies within 18" get -1 Leadership until your next Psychic phase. Greatly stacks with other -LD sources and Cacophonic Choir. Quite spectacular, but requires some brain power and some luck.

Symphony of Pain, paired with our new Warlord Trait and stratagem, reducing enemies attacks characteristics, helps our rather squishy daemon almost to become unkillable for our opponents.


Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Daemons of Chaos

The Loop Games Do you like this video? And wherever they tread, the ground will blacken. And what they touch will wither to dust and blow away. And when they speak, all will bow before their might. And in these final days, the world shall die to make way for the new, the beautiful, and the ever-changing.


Daemons of Chaos


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