Prowessfunctions are perhaps, the most elementary levelof the power embedded in Prowess. Prowess is a database of the performance of a company. Prowess Resource Tutorial — [PDF Document] So, the status ofa company being a non-financial services company ornot, is checked only in one year and not in each year ofthe time-span. As a re-sult, Prowess includes non-company business entitiessuch as cooperatives and other entities created throughthe legislature or through the Banking Regulation Act. Clause 49 itself is a new stipulation Oc-tober that came into effect essentially in Decem-ber A pure database vendor would refrain from straying toofar from tutoiral data feeds.

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Shaktilkree These companiesare required to disclose a lot more information and alsoto prpwess information at a faster frequency than the un-listed tutoriall. All old names ofcompanies are linked to new names. Some more data relating to governance can be found inthe section on Stock Prices. Media news is a useful source for dataon investment plans, mergers and acquisitions ofunlisted companies and also for the general back-ground information on companies.

The classification of companies into industry groups,ownership groups, age groups and size groups is the re-sult of CMIEs inhouse research. Companies included in Prowessare not selected or filtered by any process. Distribution by Type of Enterprise: Interim financial statements are available for about4, companies. Composition of the Board of Directors and thedates of their various meetings, names of sub-sidiaries, auditors and related party-transactionsare the other kinds of information related to Gov-ernance that are available in Prowess.

This brings about a degreeof uniformity in the information of all compa-nies. News reports in the mediaCMIE has its own news abstraction team thatscans the daily newspapers for relevant newson companies. Once a company merges into another company,it ceases to provide any information as a separate en-tity. There has been a decline in the number financial com-panies releasing their quarterly financial statementssince March In spite of this increase in the coverage of small com-panies, the contribution of the large companies in thetotal sales has increased.

Again, this selectionbias is not because of a deliberate policy to keep suchcompanies out of Prowess database, but because infor-mation on such companies is not available. Prowess Resource Tutorial The virtuousloop keeps helping the growth of Prowess. This is a greatconvenience compared to having to define the ra-tios everytime you need to use it. These twodecades cover the beginning of the economic crisis in, the reforms initiated inthe economicboom soon thereafter, then the prolonged slowdown,the IT and dotcom period around the turn of the cen-tury, the recovery from and finally the globalfinancial crisis in We visualisesuch an analyst to be engaged in an intensive searchfor companies that meet certain conditions and tutoriao studythe various performance parameters of a company ingreat detail.

CMIE makes choices regarding the companies coveredin Prowess this is explained in detail elsewhere andthen it makes choices regarding the inclusion of the typeof source being used and specifically a particular docu-ment from the source. RBI provides very little information on individ-ual companies. For example, one cansearch for all companies with a profit margin ofmore than five per cent.

Data for was available for onlyabout ten thousand companies. On the other hand,the number of electricity companies has increased bynearly 15 times. CMIE has no other businesses other than providing in-formation services.

We there-fore tutorkal these business entities by type, such as, aregistered company, a cooperative, a statutory body, etc. A lot of this information is pub-lished by the listed companies in their Annual Reportsand it is duly captured in the Prowess database. The Reserve Bank ofIndia, Securities and Exchange Board of India and thedepositories are other important standard sources of in-formation.

The break-up reflects the usual disclosures madeby companies. The count of companies forwhich Annual Report based information is available istherefore the best measure of coverage of companies inProwess.

Nearly 37 per cent of the companies had sales of lessthan Rs. Such companies appearin the Annual Reports of the parent companies in oneyear and may disappear in the next. From an average of over 1, com-panies per quarter, the number of companies releasingquarterly financial statements has fallen to close to justa thousand. However Annual Reports are not avail-able for all companies for all years since proess However, Prowess is no substitute for a tele-phone directory.

The number has declined since when such data was available for about 5, com-panies. Company IdentityHere we prowsss the companys name, its variousalternate names, its addresses, telephone and faxnumbers and website. Central Library IIT Bombay CMIE Database They range from the highly organisedtelecommunication sector to the unorganised retailtrade sector, from the capital-intensive aviation sectorto the low capital intensity sectors such as trading.

As information on suchnew companies become available, they get added intothe Prowess database. Finance companies tutoriwl also vulnerable to changes ineconomic activity classification. Many of these involve com-plex computations.

This countrises to reach a maximum of 15, companies for and then it falls to a little over 12, for The Annual Report of the company is the most impor-tant source of the Prowess database. It discloses the announcement ofboard meetings, annual general and extraordinary meet-ings, dividend declaration, mergers and acquisitions,details of equity transactions on the secondary marketby its directors and any other material event or trans-action. In such a case, the company will get counted inboth lists.

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What is ProwessIQ?

It is simple and easy to use. ProwessIQ provides charting tools and well-formatted reports on performances of companies. The reports provide financial information including analytical ratios and benchmark comparisons. Downloads of source documents interim results, ratings rationales and annual report extracts are part of the service. What is ProwessIQ? ProwessIQ is an interactive querying system to find companies from the Prowess database. It consists of a client software that provides an interface to construct and submit queries over the internet to the Prowess database and receive answers to the queries from the database.



For example, in the abovecase, while only about 21 per cent of all companies hada panel set for seven years, a higher proportion proewss about24 per cent of manufacturing companies had a panel forthe same seven years. All public limited companies are not publicly listedcompanies. The life-span of many finance companies in theProwess database is low. Prowess covers more than just companies.





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