I started to like Temeraire again. Part One - if I could pretend this never happened, I would. As promised, Lawrence is shipwrecked in Japan and unfortunately this part involves the same kinds of excesses that made the last few books Crucible of Gold somewhat aside such chores to read. While nothing in Part Two is really needed to understand Part Three, it does pick up some loose plot threads from Throne of Jade and explain why China would enter the war, and this time at least the explanation makes more sense than the whole fiasco with the Incan Empire in Crucible of Gold. Part Three - where have you been all this time? Lawrence and Temeraire are there.

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In the resulting chaos, Laurence is lost overboard, and the Potentate becomes beached on a rock formation. Confused and thirsty, he encounters a Japanese noble; Kaneko Hiromasa , who promptly has him taken to his home, despite the protests of his student Junichiro.

The next day, Laurence remembers his name and identity, but assumes he is still the captain of the HMS Reliant. After some discussion with the others about how to refloat the Potentate , Temeraire comes up with a plan to fly to the distant shores of Japan - where he can also secretly scout for Laurence - retrieve large tree trunks, and have the larger dragons of their contingent use them to lever the ship off the rocks, while the smaller dragons pull on the chains on the Dragondeck.

Flying to the coast, the dragons - each with a single person as crew - eventually find suitable trees, but they are confronted by a Sui-Riu , who promptly attacks them with a powerful blast of water after failing to get them to surrender the wood. However, shortly after being attacked by the Divine Wind , the dragon abandons the battle. Following this, the dragons return to the Potentate and begin their attempts to free it. The others soon rescue him from drowning, but his injuries force the crew to make for Nagasaki ; the only port open to westerners - to which Hammond had already suggested they visit, as an attempt to make amends for the attack on the strange dragon.

Upon waking, Temeraire learns that Iskierka has laid their egg, but his injuries are still too severe, so he is restricted to the Potentate under the care of a Chinese doctor; Wen Shen. In Chikuzen Province, Laurence finds his valuable sword - at present his only possession - has been confiscated by Kaneko ; as per the strict laws of the bakufu - the government of the Shogun of Japan.

After some discussion into the matter - conducted in Chinese, which Laurence subconciously remembers - Kaneko concludes his actions are potentially threatening his liege; Lady Arikawa , and sends word to her.

However, before they can begin the interrogation there, the Sui-Riu Lord Jinai arrives, and reports on his attack by a group of strange dragons which included a Celestial ; extinct in Japan after Kublai Khan abducted the last egg. With little other option, Laurence decides to try and escape in the night, only to be released by Junichiro , who flees with him.

The next day, Laurence and Junichiro stop to rest at a shrine, only to encounter another Sui-Riu ; Lady Kiyomizu or " Kiyo ", who welcomes them as guests after identifying Laurence as a source of western poetry. During this time, Laurence talks with Junichiro , and learns that he helped him escape to prevent Kaneko from either breaking the law or his vow - which he reveals was made to the God Jizo, in the hopes that he would protect his deceased wife and son in the afterlife.

Since Junichiro was a ronin - a masterless samurai - the dishonour will fall on him alone. Later, Laurence explains to Kiyo that he must leave for Nagasaki, only for her to offer to carry them both there. Carrying them downstream, Kiyo eventually stops upon being alerted to a emergency at a village; where frost is threatening the crops.

After getting Laurence and Junichiro to dismount, Kiyo swallows an immense amount of river water, heats it internally, and eventually regurgitates it into a irrigation basin to remove the frost. The village promptly brings gifts of food to Kiyo , but they regard Laurence with suspicion. At Nagasaki , a still-injured Temeraire notices a dragon wearing a seemingly-western harness on a Dutch ship - which he realises is keeping a distance due to technically being a lawful prize as a subject of France - and gets Nitidus to make contact - despite a brief protest by Lieutenant Forthing.

The dragon soon travels to the Potentate and introduces itself as John Wampanoag , and reveals that it is one of the co-owners of an American trading company; their ship is merely disguised as a Dutch vessel. Wampanoag ends up going into detail about his business and how it got started; interesting the other dragons , and the next day returns with a gift for them all; a vast silver chain of glass beads that can be worn.

Following this, Temeraire enquires with Wampanoag about sending a search party out for Laurence , and Wampanoag offers to talk with the Dutch and the Japanese on his behalf, although he considers it unlikely that Laurence has survived. Not long afterwards, Temeraire witnesses the arrival of Lady Arikawa , and after some talk about their present situation - and the news of the loss of the Phaeton - Captain Blaise and Granby decide to fire a salvo and get their dragons to perform aerial maneuvers; to make a show of their might.

Not long afterwards, Wampanoag returns to the Potentate ; having recovered a tattered shirt that belonged to Laurence from the Japanese in Nagasaki. While Hammond talks with Wampanoag about diffusing the situation with the Japanese, Temeraire learns from Wen Shen that he is at last well again. Meanwhile, Laurence and Junichiro continue downstream, only to encounter a lord and his party ferrying their number across the river. Their attempts to sneak past them fail, and they are forced to flee; ultimately abandoning their boat further downstream and walking for a while, before constructing a raft to cross another river.

Eventually, they reach Nagasaki, only to find that Lady Arikawa and Kaneko are already in the city. As they prepare to sneak to the harbour, Laurence recognises the Potentate as a British ship, and attempts to signal it, only for Kaneko to confront them; revealing Laurence is to be made prisoner.

Before she can capture Laurence herself, Temeraire arrives; having witnessed the signal, and angrily retrieves Laurence ; explaining the situation at the same time. As Laurence slowly tries to settle on the Potentate - in the process learning once again that Longwing dragons only take female captains - Wampanoag arrives and reports there is to be a proper farewell dinner - a matter of saving face - and adds that as a result of the recent events, the Japanese are seeking relations with the United States of America, and are requesting shipwrights.

At the dinner, Laurence meets with Kaneko again, and learns that Lady Arikawa considers his honour satisfied, and has invited him to take up residence with her, although he fears he will diminish her standing. Laurence also informs him he will take Junichiro into his care, which Kaneko feigns interest about. The next day, the Potentate sets sail for Tien-sing, and Laurence goes to sit with Temeraire , who requests he read the Principia Mathematica to him. During this time, Laurence goes over his possessions, and after finding several letters from his mother and Jane Roland , comes to the conclusion that Emily Roland may be his illegitimate daughter.

Upon arrival in Tien-sing harbour, Laurence and a small group go to meet with Crown Prince Mianning in a local palace. In the resulting chaos, Mianning and Laurence are evacuated from the palace via a detachable dais carried by four palace dragons.

Mianning states they are heading for the Summer Palace in Peking, but the dragons instead take them to the house of Lord Bayan ; the noble overseeing the preparations for their meeting. Lord Bayan greets them warmly and takes them to a room inside, although both Mianning and Laurence are suspicous at his words. After noticing a large group of guards outside, Mianning starts a fire, and the two fight their way out of the house.

The palace dragons promptly turn on him, but quickly surrender after he slays one with the Divine Wind. Following this - and after extinguishing the fire - Mianning tells an apologetic Lord Bayan that he will leave with Temeraire ; revealing to Laurence as they depart that he is refraining from convicing Lord Bayan because he can still use him at present.

Once their entire contingent reaches the Forbidden City, Hammond approaches and suggests that Temeraire attempt to sire an egg with an Imperial , in the hopes of finding a new Celestial companion for Mianning. Before anything can be arranged, Lung Qin Mei requests to see Temeraire , and he invites her to join them at a dinner; an event made awkward by the undignified eating habits of the other dragons and an indignant Iskierka insulting Mei - who later reveals she has been learning English, and as such understood everything she said.

In the aftermath, Temeraire and Mei are left alone, and Mei reveals that she has been approached by Mianning to try and bear a Celestial egg. In the aftermath, Mei reveals her fear as to what will happen to a resulting egg. However, Laurence misunderstands the question, and implies he would return to Europe whilst Temeraire stays.

Temeraire promptly flees in anger, and Laurence attempts to comfort him when he returns, only to be interrupted when Hammond arrives with a message from the Jiaqing Emperor ; which prompts their immediate attendance.

Mianning begins explaining the necessity for improving relations with the West and allying against Napoleon , only for Lord Bayan to bring up the matter of the illegal opium trade, which he reports has been linked by a General Fela - currently suppressing remnants of the failed White Lotus Rebellion - to British involvement.

Mianning agrees, but gives orders for him to be accompanied by three "jalan" - regiments. Shortly after meeting with General Chu , Laurence , Temeraire and their number set off for Xian, only for them to be secretly joined by Mei ; in the hopes that she and Temeraire will manage an egg which can then be secretly hidden before anyone in Peking knows. The three jalan gradually add to their number; with various armoured dragons joining them along their journey.

During this time, Laurence makes a distant Junichiro work with the sociable Baggy ; in the hopes that he will learn English as a result. Laurence leaves in anger and goes to find Temeraire , but after seeing him asleep with Mei , instead goes to meet with Mrs. Pemberton , who is with Emily Roland. As they talk, a group of assassins attack, and Laurence and Emily - aided by Mrs.

Pemberton , who uses their pistols - hold them off until aid can arrive. In the aftermath, Hammond notes that the conservative faction of the court - of which General Fela is a member - must have approved their journey in the hopes of having Laurence slain. While there, Temeraire notices Junichiro refusing an offer from Gong Su to become a servant of Mianning ; later telling him that " China is no friend of my country".

The next day, they reach General Fela at the ruins of a village, and he informs them that it was a rebel base that they followed a British dragon to, and shows them the recovered opium as proof. With this in mind, Hammond and Mei - disgruntled by the sight of the opium - write a letter to be sent to the Forbidden City. In the aftermath, Laurence is approached by Mrs. Pemberton , who tells him she is no use as a chaperone to Emily , and now wishes to learn how to fence and fire pistols so that she can prevent a repeat of the last assassination event.

Over the course of the conversation, Temeraire lets slip that they have a home in New South Wales , and ultimately reveals to Laurence the details of his treachery and exile. Laurence is shocked when he finds out, and the other aviators take him aside so he can properly process this news.

Temeraire , meanwhile, sinks into despair at his predicament, and ultimately decides to go out and search for traces of the rebels in the ruined town - also to avoid having to talk with Laurence , and make him remember any more horrible things - and takes Lieutenant Forthing , Ferris and Sipho with him.

After flying over the village - which he notes appears to have been devoid of activity even before its destruction - Temeraire decides to explore the surrounding area, and ultimately finds a trail leading to a hidden valley, where they find an imprisoned Arkady ; grounded by having iron bars thrust through his wings. In addition to this, Sipho finds a cache of the swords used by the would-be assassins; further incriminating General Fela.

Before they can act on this, a rockslide occurs above them, and traps the dragons in the valley - with Forthing , Ferris and Sipho sheltered beneath Temeraire. Back at camp, Laurence goes to see Temeraire after talking with Granby , only to find him gone. In the air, they see the signs of the rockslide, and find Temeraire and Arkady buried in the rocks; with human soldiers and a dragon moving to attack them. Laurence and Little dismount to fight the soldiers while Immortalis tries to evade the dragon, who eventually manages to get a lock on his throat.

Before the dragon can kill Immortalis , Kulingile arrives with Demane - searching for Sipho - Junichiro and Baggy , and dispatches the dragon, before turning on the soldiers. Following this, they begin rescuing the trapped men and dragons. The aviators conclude he is probably being tortured by General Fela to "confess" against them. However, their arrival with an army of dragons has prevented him from coming up with an end to the rebellion, or from sending them on false searches for rebels.

Following this, Kulingile gets Arkady to lead him to the site where he and Tharkay were captured, while Laurence and Temeraire get General Chu to join them without his honour guard, under the pretext of improving their search tactics.

General Chu is skeptical, but agrees to help them search for Tharkay ; quickly finding a former White Lotus fortification that is clearly in use. General Chu calls Temeraire and the others aside from the battle, and Laurence and the aviators dismount so they can enter the cave at retrieve Tharkay.

After defeating the few soldiers inside, Laurence locates an injured Tharkay in a small room; the sight of which reminds him of his own rescue by Tharkay from a British prison, which restores many of his lost memories. Once back at the camp - where Temeraire deals to General Fela - Tharkay reveals Napoleon is planning an assault on Russia , so that he crush his last opponent in Europe and focus all of his attention on the Iberian Peninsula, where he is currently fighting for supremacy.

Temeraire and Mei make their farewells, and she tells Temeraire that she will go to Guangzhou and stop the opium trade, and offers to try for an egg with him again if he returns after the wars with Napoleon end. The three return to the Chinese encampment, where they learn from General Chu that their forces are at least four days away and remain divided.

Due to a lack of supplies, he has sent orders for them to delay their approach. After some discussion, Laurence and Temeraire get Dyhern to lead them to the nearest breeding grounds, so they can learn of the current location of the French army. However, upon arrival, they find that Russian dragons are nothing like western dragons; with heavyweights more concerned with protecting their vast hoards of treasure than anything else, while the lightweights act as their servants.

Their arrival alerts Captain Ivan Rozhkov , who refuses to believe their claims of bringing Chinese reinforcements, and so Laurence prepares to leave, only for an injured dragon to arrive; his captain revealing that Napoleon has just captured Smolensk. During this time, the dragons from the Russian covert join their number, and Temeraire ends up talking with Grig ; a lightweight who usually is at the mercy of the heavyweight Vosyem.

The reinforced Russian army begins pursuing them, while General Chu and Lung Shen Shi arrange for supplies for their forces.

Grig and many of the lightweight Russian dragons watch this and the Chinese dragons, and reveal that there are this many dragons in the breeding grounds, but there is little for them to eat there. Temeraire begins telling them about how things are different for dragons outside of Russia, only to be interrupted by a Russian Aviator and his heavyweight. Afterwards, Temeraire wonders how they keep the lightweight dragons in the breeding grounds from leaving.

Some time later - after a meeting with a group of American traders, who complain about problems with selling their wares - the Russian forces arrive at the French fortifications, and a battle soon ensues. During a meeting to discuss their strategies, the French forces launch an attack at their camp. Although Temeraire quickly dispatches the attackers, General Chu is grievously injured, and Colonel Lung Zhao Lien takes over from him. Not long afterwards, their group is forced to flee when their scouts report a French army preparing to attack them from behind.

Later, the Russian commanders discuss their next move, and decide to retreat east - using their dragons to shift their forces - to unite their armies.


Blood of Tyrants (Temeraire Series #8)

It was first published by Voyager Books in August This installment features the adventures of William Laurence and his dragon, Temeraire, in Japan, China, and Russia, as they attempt to muster up new allies in the year Plot details[ edit ] William Laurence awakens on the shores of Japan. He finds himself in great confusion: afflicted with retrograde amnesia , he remembers nothing of how he came to know Chinese nor how he arrived on these shores. He is brought before the local magistrate, Kaneko Hiromasa, and kept in genteel imprisonment for straying outside Nagasaki , the sole port currently open to European traders. Temeraire, meanwhile, works with the other dragons of his formation to put to rights the Potentate, their dragon transport, which has run aground on a reef during a storm.

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Blood of Tyrants




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