Fenrishakar If you see them online feel free to PM me the location. Additionally altering fleet lists and adding some new elements like 2 hit escorts. There was an older BFG-R that was a full rule and list re-write, but it was never finished. Unofficial fanmade Rules Over the course of years the community has brought forth many great articles.

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Imperial Navy ships look like giant fucking Vaticans with warp drives and cannons. According to the rule book they have massive fucking crews and apparently zero actual technology to move shells weighing hundreds of tons into gun breeches and such.

The book shows slaves running on massive treadmills to move them about. If only we had a bunch of crazy ass priests who are fucking insane about technology on board to sort that shit out for us! This probably had something to do with with the fluff being from 3rd edition, in which Grimdark levels were at their highest to the point of being retarded.

In general, the Imperials are good at torpedoes and nova cannons and other stuff. Alternate view The above statement fails to point out that the Imperial Navy is the most diverse fleet in the game, comprising of no less than six fleet lists and sports more cruiser classes, in every subtype, than any other fleet in the game.

Nova cannons are so powerful that it is considered poor gamesmanship to take more than three in a tournament list points while many even advocate to using the one-perpoints restriction and most of your basic cruisers can be upgraded to carry them. The six up prow is a huge help since most hurt comes from the front, and it lets you take power rams , a nice but situational point filler.

Your average range is 30 cm, and only two basic cruisers can push to Your 60 cm weapons are few and far between. Nothing fancy, you are the baseline that is used by other factions to set out their niche. With all the options in the world, the biggest reason why the Navy fails to win many matches is that it is predictable by nature hurr hurr, Imma fly at you while booming mah nova cannon, trying to fly between your lines to blast your arse off with both sides and everyone and their pet otaku has a fleet.

Easy to play, a real pain to master. They are a bit faster than their corpse-god worshiping counterparts and have the largest selection of ships, making them superior to any other fleet except sometimes Necrons if correctly built.

For various reasons, the Chaos ships look totally different from the Imperial ones, not just Imperial ones with tentacles and spikes and crap. The reasoning behind the different looks of the Chaos and Imperial fleets is due to building techniques changing. Older vessels are mostly "keel built", meaning they were built upward from their keel and thus have a low, wide look to them.

Meanwhile newer ships are mostly "spine built", meaning that the dorsal spine was made first and thus they have a tall, thin look. Additionally, the more recent Imperial ships have been built or retrofitted with an armored prow, while the Chaos ships lack one to allow for more speed. It stands to reason that older Imperial ships would look like the Chaos ones which is why reserve fleets use Chaos classes and models and any new ships turning traitor would look like Imperials.

Better view Chaos sports the second most diverse fleet in the game with the second highest complexity and ship count. While they lack the strict durability and torpedo numbers of the Navy, they make up for it with absurd firepower, assault boats, better speed and overall better ships for fewer points. As a result they have some of the best ships, point per point, in the game. Your average range is 45 cm with lots of 60 cm options, and a few 30 cm options. They also have a pretty flexible set of upgrades, including putting Chaos Space Marines to improve leadership and boarding.

Where Chaos suffers is their lack of durability to incoming fire and ordnance. You quickly start missing that six up armored prow after you watch your prized Repulsive grand cruiser get erased by a lucky round of fire.

Also, Chaos ships can have Marks of Chaos, and daemon-possessed ships, with some options being such a cheese even Elfdar feel their pants getting soggy, and as centrepiece models you have the planet killer , and activated blackstone fortresses , which are expensive in terms of points apiece but can shoop da whoop an enemy ship or two off the table. It also has four god-specific lists that add up upgrades and unique ships, sometimes cheesy, sometimes outright rapey.

Nothing beats the priceless look on enemy face when your Conqueror starts counting how much boarding action power it has.

Necrons [ edit ] Necrons have like 5 different kinds of ship and according to fluff are fucking nasty to fight. There is no defeating a Necron fleet that outnumbers you, not in the fluff, not in the game. They remain OP, but then again, they are like millions of years old and are the most advanced ships in the game so that sounds about right.

Eldar [ edit ] Eldar ships look a lot like their vehicles. With only about six ships in the original rulebook, they were somewhat gimped from the get-go. Even considering imperial Vortex torpedoes. Also, they have weapons batteries that always get the full shots unlike all other factions, which only get a fraction of their shots for the final rolling. And also, lances that can hit multiple times with a single lance shot. Ridiculous cannons. Powerful multi-hit lances.

The nasty torpedoes. And the dangerous as fuck flyers. To sum it up: Eldar are, together with the Necrons, the best fleets in the game. And this is said by a BFG veteran who does not even play Eldar.

The buggers are nasty. Not negotiable. Be prepared for some insane Eldar trickery when facing off against these skinny mother fuckers.

Alternate Alternate View As strong as their torpedoes and planes are they suffer a huge problem when building a fleet, originally there were only 6 Eldar ships , this has since been improved but practically your only choice to play the amazing torpedoes is in a half dead spasticated escort and you have to bring an entire point cruiser which will fuck you over as it dies within a turn of coming into range of seeing the enemy even with your fun ordnance moves.

In the end the Eldar are a fun race but suffer badly from a case of lack of diversity which makes it hard for them to build a competent list with anything but as many Eldar hellbores and aconites as possible.

Tau[ edit ] The Tau have two choices of fleet. Their initial fleets were composed of refitted modular merchant ships and scout vessels.

After getting their shit wrecked, they got together and finally built combat ships. Players have the option of the modular, adjustable, Merchant fleet boxy or the efficient, effective Combat fleet sleek. Meaning, torpedoes which can adjust speed and direction, which is unique for standard torpedoes in the game there are guided torpedoes for the IN, but they can malfunction, and do not have the adjust speed gimmick.

Other than that, They have starship-sized Ion cannons lances and massive railguns macrobatteries. Extra bonus is the ability to get an aura that lets you turret more effectively and ignore the column shift of battery at long range. Without using allies Tau fleets suffer horribly at the hands of Elfdar Chaos and Necron foes.

And if anyone gets to board you, you get your shit wrecked because your crew power is half of that of the basic enemy most of the time. Your "combat" fleet sacrifices a lot for that tasty 90 sharp turn, being even less effective than your blocky cruisers of merchant fleet, getting even more assraped by chaos, necrons and elfdar, but they get the lances, so they are not as prone to one-sided ownage at the hands of 6-armour-all-around marines, though you go below the average in terms of air superiority and torpedo power when you start building combat-fleet instead of merchant-fleet, so try mixing them for best results, keeping your 6-hitpoint protectors squadroned behind beefier hero class to avoid sudden cripples.

However, fleets of ram ships are pretty awesome, because nothing is funnier than ramming the shit out of people. You are pretty much the epitome of glass cannon in this game, you hit hard and move ridiculously fast but if the enemy gets so much as a mean look your way you spontaneously combust.

You have exactly two ship choices a cruiser and an escort , rarely a good sign, although their ships have fully customisable weapon loadouts unlike most other factions, where each ship has fixed armaments with maybe a couple of options. Tyranids[ edit ] Tyranids are extremely deadly at close range, all ships besides the Hive Ship are expendable in the extreme, reasonably durable, and ridiculously deadly at boarding.

But oh man are you fucked if your Hive Ship bites the dust. Unfortunately, the hive mind rules mean that a Tyranid player can only control one or 2 ships every turn.

The other ships are forced to use an Instinctive Behavior algorithm that acts like basic programming for the ship although in all likelihood this is what you were going to do anyway. Alternate View Well the control of the ships is based on the number of consecutive successful leadership tests. So have a lucky hand with LD9 and nothing to worry. But with that said, bear in mind that the hive has a huge fleet with an incredible amount of ships. Your amount of escorts alone exceeds other fleets by 3 or 4 usually.

The bio-enhancements can make them pricey, but not all are needed, since only your super short-ranged battery gunnery which is Tyranid space-puke basically and your ability to EAT enemy ships will secure you victory. They come in numbers. Bodies over Bullets! In a huge scale Just like their ground pounders, except apparently the chapter serfs defend the ship and operate everything. They excel at boarding and going toe-to-toe with the enemy, like everywhere else. They also can do Terminator teleport attacks when they are close enough.

Much hurt to be had. After the initial release, which intended that you pay a bit extra to get regular Imperial escort ships with space marine crew, GW released models for actual specific SM escort-class ships. Those looked incredibly goofy, pretty much like beat-up bananas, and the crappy white-ish paintjob they had for the GW site were not really helping either.

FW then decided to be awesome, and released better kits for them, which were absolutely beautiful. Apparently, they use servitor slaves instead of human slaves, and occasionally use auto-loaders. Get an Explorator ship, which is like an Imperial Capital ship but shinier and goofier. Your crews are techpriests and servitors, so you get better repairs but your shit gets wrecked by boarding action quite heavily.

To show off his abilities Archmagos Zibbit installs better turrets on every ship out there extra lulzy considering you can roll for area support turret on some ship s and your cruisers get a shiny lance dorsal turret to mess up the chaos lovers day.

You also get to ride the magnificent pimp ride known as Ark Mechanicus, basically a wet dream of every imperial out there, a souped-up Retribution battleship with nova cannon, best upgrades Mechanicus has to offer and a pricetag that feels awkwardly low for that amount of awesome in one place.

The only downside? So a simple Retribution in AdMech list is pretty much immune to bombers and can hardly ever get torpedo damage, while the shiny pimp wagon can get hurt. All in all the best way of playing imperials in a campaign is Adeptus Mechanicus, because you can refit that refit-cruiser after being refitted for rolling a high leadership. Homebrew rules[ edit ] As mentioned above one of the best ways to make the game more enjoyable is to limit the number of fighters, bombers, and assault boats allowed.

This limits the maximum number of these craft to not exceed the number of hangar bays available on the capital ships, rather than the original treatment of the hangars like nonstop factories which encouraged building up truly gigantic waves of fighters and bombers on your end of the table before sending them across all at once.

This prevents the game from devolving into something resembling the sky over the Pacific circa To make up for lance weapons being over-the-top better choice compared to weapon batteries, a homebrew rule can be introduced as well. Just make lance weaponry suffer -1 to hit rolls if the target still has shields up. BF:XR took up the undertaking, but sadly the desire to keep the original rulebook intact is a major hindrance to any attempts to balance the game, no matter how much pointcosts are tweaked.

And it looks awesome, including Marks of Chaos from the FOUR gods, also pre-order will include the Space Marine and Tau fleets which are also included with the game if you buy it in the first 2 months after release, so you can benefit from reviews of the finished product and not have to pay extra for them down the road and a nice 10 percent discount, and we are working in the Battlefleet Gothic Armada article as it is in its opening beta, meanwhile watch the trailer:.





Battlefleet Gothic


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