This process has been in commercial use since Since its inception, this unique process has been employed to coat billions of square feet of surface. Presently, there are numerous installations in operation, both captive and job-shop, coating a variety of fabricated steel parts for the automotive and general industry markets. The bath viscosity is close to that of water with little or no organic solvents in the coating bath.

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This allows the application equipment and process control to be easier and less expensive. A unique feature of the process is that the coating is deposited only on metal surfaces leaving plastics and rubbers uncoated. The process is also able to uniformly coat both the inside and outside of complex assemblies, even those with tubular structures and narrow crevices. The process can be applied directly to clean ferrous metal surfaces without using any conditioner or phosphate pretreatment.

The technology is uniquely able to coat large volumes of densely racked or complex shaped metal parts uniformly with fewer process steps and controls. Autophoretic Coating vs. E-coating Our BONDERITE M-PP advanced system for coating ferrous metals is significantly superior to traditional electro-coating processes providing users with benefits in coating quality, operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and cost.

Making the switch from a conventional painting process to BONDERITE M-PP technology can be done straight-forwardly with the capital investment being paid back quickly through greater operational efficiency and reduced energy costs. To help you change to this more efficient process our team will work with you to help you assess your current process, establish your key objectives and decide upon the necessary steps to make the change efficiently and with the minimum of disruption.

Only the replenisher, water and starter are required for the coating bath. It has excellent flexibility and can be used as a stand-alone system or as a primer before a top coat. Best corrosion protection Excellent flexibility Best corrosion protection in cavities Bath is very robust against damages: not bath crash in case of loss of agitation, resists to bacterial attacks.

Agitators consume far less electricity than pumps and eductors. Maintenance outside the bath is also facilitated. Low solids in bath means no need for ultra-filtration equipment.


Autophoretic Coating vs. E-Coating (CED)

Tuesday, July 17, A-coating and E-coating are two industrial metal coating technologies used to apply a rust and corrosion-proof coating to metal parts. Both are dip-coating processes that see wide use in the automotive and heavy machinery industries as a means of coating large components. Despite these similarities, there are important differences to consider when selecting the correct industrial metal coating process. What is A-Coating?


Autophoretic® Coating Process

An irreplaceable quality of PVD coatings is that it uses lower temperature for the application process avoiding the disadvantages of procedures such as CVD coating, in which the tool has to go through the process of becoming soft post-coating, and then re-hardened again — putting it at risk of becoming distorted. Our PVD Coating Centre specializes in creating custom coatings for the automotive, firearm, die casting and plastic injection tooling industries; but we are equipped to accommodate a wide variety of customer needs. At no time before has a steel distributor been able to advise on an application with material selection, heat treatment specifications, and coating technology optimized as a complete solution. Our unique understanding of all three components allows voestalpine to develop complete solutions without compromise and with assured quality throughout the supply chain. We take pride in delivering the very best customer service and are dedicated to offering competitive prices for exceptional quality and fast delivery to our customers. The coating team at voestalpine is committed to delivering high performance coatings done on the same reliable equipment used at our locations worldwide, accommodating our globally expanding client base.

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