Based on patented, award-winning, tenth-generation technology, TeamSite centralizes and automates the control of site content, architecture, navigation, presentation, and deployment. TeamSite provides an intuitive interface for content authoring, targeting, multivariable testing, analytics integration, workflow, and archiving, allowing content authors, editors and reviewers to easily add, modify, test, and approve content through automated processes without ongoing IT involvement. Organizations use TeamSite to centrally manage virtually any type of content for any purpose including content used across multiple channels to ensure consistency across the Web, wireless devices, e-mail, and printed collateral. Support for multiple initiatives and parallel development helps companies that require frequent changes to multiple sites and the automatic archival of all changes and versions enforces corporate compliance and auditing. TeamSite also seamlessly integrates with leading portal platforms and enterprise applications. Known Versions The full text of this page is only available to our customers.

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Web Content Management SystemOpenText TeamSite Deliver personalized omnichannel digital experiences through an intuitive and flexible enterprise web content management system Get a free demo Contact us What is a web content management system? A web content management system is a software application that enables enterprises to manage and publish digital content easily.

Web content management systems include various capabilities, such as site design, content authoring, editing and personalization. Selecting the best web content management system is an integral step in delivering rich digital customer experiences across all digital channels, including websites, mobile, email, social media and more. A robust content management system will enable organizations to manage multiple websites, support more than one language as well as deliver omnichannel customer experiences.

It simplifies the entire process of managing content across all channels, including websites, mobile platforms, email, social, commerce, composite applications, collaboration sites and portals, to make delivering outstanding digital experiences easier.

From a single interface, users can author, test, target and publish their content as well as manage rich media, design websites and create mobile applications. Web content management system features in TeamSite Intelligent content creation Get content out faster with smart content summaries, relevant in-context content suggestions and rich media analysis applied to auto-tagging images and videos with keywords and descriptions using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Identity access and asset management Deliver highly personalized and engaging post-login experiences to known customers, partners, employees and citizens, and control what assets are shown to specific audiences, with integrated cloud-based identity access management.

Import cloud segments and target high performing audiences to drive higher conversions. Multi-site and multi-language CMS Provide enterprise-grade performance for complex environments with high volumes of content and multiple sites, languages and digital channels.

Automatically translate content Items with Google Translate. Customer success stories With OpenText TeamSite, eight people manage 18, pages in 15 different languages for 20 different vacation clubs and member audiences with segmentation and personalization.


Product Description

History[ edit ] Inception and expansion[ edit ] Autonomy was founded in Cambridge , England by Michael Lynch , David Tabizel and Richard Gaunt in as a spin-off from Cambridge Neurodynamics , a firm specializing in computer-based finger print recognition. Terms of the sale were not disclosed. The transaction was unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both HP and Autonomy and the Autonomy board recommended that its shareholders accept the offer. However, in January the SFO closed its investigation as the chance of successful prosecution was low. From his evidence Lynch was charged with fraud in November. Hewlett Packard Enterprise retains ownership of the remaining software.


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