Refractometers are used to determine substance content in a sample, to provide unit readings of substances including Brix, salinity, and alcohol; to detect chemical impurities, or to measure components of samples such as industrial fluid. Refractometers measure the refractive index of a substance, which is its optical characteristic, and the number of dissolved particles in it. The refractive index is the ratio of the speed of light in empty space to the speed of light in a substance; when light passes from one medium to another. Generally, a low concentration sample has a larger angle of refraction than a high concentration sample. For example, a straw placed in a high-concentration substance appears more bent than when placed in a low-concentration substance. Refractometers can work with natural light, or with an external power source such as batteries or electricity.

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Approximately 1, measurements 60 seconds of continuous measurement after 5 to 15 seconds of analysis. Gloves — Industrial Grade. Cutting oil, molding lubricant and ztago resistance liquid are also well within the measurement range of the PALS. About measurement value Refractometers measure the concentration of all dissolved solids in a solution. Regular single measurement 2.

It measures the Brix taago of colostrum, which has a correlation with the immunoglobulin IgG value contained in colostrum. Customers Located in Canada, the United States. When the start key is pressed after placing some droplets of sample on the prism, the refractive index resolution 0.

No more need for any calibration liquid! Additionally, taking measurements with the PAL-Plato only requires a few drops of sample, and it provides accurate readings within 3 seconds! A measurement only takes 10 minutes whether out in the fields or in the lab.

Any other substance s dissolved in the sample will affect the readings. Just drops of sample Easy and quick measuring Measurement displayed in just 3 seconds Hot or cold samples can be measured.

Legionella Detection Test Kits. The ever-popular PAL-1 is now available with wireless data logging! Teras Turbine Carboy Mixer and Accessories. Light and Sound Meters. Revolutionary new feature ELI. Laboratory and Office Seating Furniture.

Rinse clean under running water. Minimum Advertised Price MAP The manufacturer of this item has mandated a minimum price at which we may advertise this product. Continuous measure and display repeatedly Measurement Range Brix 0. Description Specifications Related Items Downloads. In accordance with ISO Our price is too low to show.

The Automatic Temperature Compensation function of the PAL enables you to take measurement readings regardless of the ambient temperature. Vacuum Pumps, Aspirators, Siphons, and Accessories. Gloves — Medical Grade. The speedy performance of the PAL is amazing. IP65 Dust-tight and Protected against water jets. Likewise, the PAL-Citric Acid is designed to measure samples that contain only water and citric acid. Shopping Cart 0 items checkout. This moisture meter provides quick estimation of water content, which is calculated by using the following formula: Related Posts.


3810 PAL-1



Atago 3810 (PAL-1) Digital Pocket Refractometer, 0-53% Brix


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