Mozahn At the same time, a strong force was tasked to Gipuzkoa to secure the region which finally did after capturing Tolosa on February Viernes 19 de junio. Y muy pocas las que sufrieron arresto y fueron condenadas. The bell rings to the death across the heroic town of Igualada Do we keep looking to the past rather than the future? The following search of a king ended with the crowning of Amadeo I supported by the moderate liberals, but this decision was not welcomed by the Carlist sector who elevated their leader Carlos VII to the position of claimant to replace the foreign king. Concertamos un encuentro posterior donde el Sr.

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El rey no hizo nada. En conciencia y con el poder en la mano. Para luego, como un vulgar kleenex, tirarla sin contemplaciones a la papelera. Hay que reconocer que se lograron resultados espectaculares. La boda real del 22 de mayo del , traslado y permanencia en Madrid de casi Franco ordered that the appropriate procedures be done with the Portuguese Government so that a thick blanket of silence covered the amazing death of Don Alfonso, no police or judicial investigation was promoted on his part, and his official version was coupled as possible to that of the Spanish Government, expressed in the note disseminated by its Legation in Lisbon.

On July 23, , ten years later, he would be named successor of the head of state, as a king, and promoted by testicular decision of the dictator to general. And so it would happen in reality, because his regime did not perish as many naive still believe with the enactment of the Constitution of Yes, Spaniards can vote every four years on closed and blocked electoral lists, made by the apparatuses of some parties that eat from the manger of power, of the same power as always … But of real freedom, true democracy, real sovereignty of the people … very Little still, almost nothing.

Unworn Juan Carlos I of his main political adversary, President Arias, would immediately begin to move the threads subterranean, as always to place in his place a man of his full confidence that could take on his back the arduous and dangerous task of to initiate the democratic opening that interested him to the Spanish people also, of course , confronting, if necessary, with the Army. For this, of course!

We refer to someone who, in addition, an indispensable condition for their new mentors, did not really have their own political project. Indeed, another of the especially difficult moments of the Spanish transition to democracy would undoubtedly be, as I pointed out earlier, the autumn of the year I have to give, then, a historic leap in my story to face the dark maneuvers decidedly, little known by the Spaniards, who in the last months of that fateful starred in the shadow broad and powerful Francoist sectors of the Army in order to stop in its tracks the political process initiated in Spain in November I refer to Francoist maneuvers that would materialize throughout that short period of time in a clear and precise project of military coup against democracy and the Crown, and that, fortunately, would be gradually postponed by its promoters for spring of the following year the date finally decided would be May 2, The lessons received and the knowledge learned I repeat, in principle only theoretical and without any reference to specific facts of the repression in that great South American country would soon be felt in the delicate political and social landscape of the Spanish democratic transition.

The antiterrorist operation of the CESID, the adventures of the GAL with ramifications in the Army, the Police and the Civil Guard , the sloppy operatives brought to public light by the former Colonel Perote and who had, as a striking background, the personal events of the infamous Amedo and Dominguez were, therefore, designed by the CESID leadership and put into practice later by executive and mercenary commands of the Army, the Civil Guard and the Police in accordance with the knowledge acquired by the Spanish intelligence services in the training centers of their Argentine counterparts.

That, I repeat, they enjoyed in Spain in their Army, rather a magnificent poster of operation and efficiency after their fruitful repressive work of the years The king did nothing. He looked the other way, becoming, by omission, an accomplice of the murderous adventures of the GAL and, therefore, the ultimate responsible for their crimes, kidnappings and outrages.

Some conspicuous citizen of good faith may find this very hard to say, but the objective reality is what it is. And the head of the State in any modern, democratic and legal country, which also has the supreme leadership of its Armed Forces, although it does not govern directly although it is behind the scenes , as is the case in Spain, has very clear demands ethical, moral and political.

But, although it can never serve as a justification, these high-ranking Army and Police and Civil Guard commanders were always subject to the hierarchy, to the chain of command, to the Government of the nation that authorized the murders and to the supreme commander. In consciousness and with power in hand. King Juan Carlos, in spite of the stereotype that the national media have manufactured for so many years, is not at all a man who is easy-going, friendly, jovial, educated and very accessible to the commons of his subjects.

He is well known, and all his biographers collect it in his books, which in his adolescence and youth suffered from a reserved, unfriendly, elusive and very uncommunicative character, even with his closest relatives. This was due, apparently, to the kind of education received first in foreign boarding schools and then in Spanish elite schools and also to the lack of a true parental-filial affection during the first years of his life.

This reserved and violent character would take him on numerous occasions to fight, even physically, with his brother Alfonso, from whom from a young age he was separated by a deep pit of suspicion and envy when he realized that he was much more intelligent than he and his favorite. Father, the Count of Barcelona. I am referring in particular to the peculiar predisposition that manifests to surround itself with valid or political, military, financial and social representatives.

Friends of the monarch have traditionally been grouped into two very different clans, some of whose components have ended, for one reason or another, before the courts. Tchokotua jumped to public knowledge in , when a Mallorcan court ordered his prosecution and entry into prison for an alleged real estate scam.

That supposed scam would also splash his partner Oliver Mateu, another member of the clan and a close friend of the Spanish monarch. Court yes, very numerous, and also sui generis, manifestly improvable and itinerant for a monarchy that has known how to exploit every living creature that comes close to its side and could provide something. For then, like a vulgar Kleenex, throw it unceremoniously into the bin.

It was necessary to erase, then, the past of the fiancee of Don Felipe, as it was and as soon as possible. The fishermen in the wild river had already started to release their gear with a smile that promised very good captures and different media, not too submissive to power, took positions in the face of a substantial increase in their audiences.

And the orders to which they had to receive them and were perfectly trained to comply with them would soon be precise and concrete. It must be recognized that spectacular results were achieved. The painter and his painting were never heard again.

The journalist his name is not here because, like the ex-husband, has been classified who was sentimentally attached to Letizia when she met Prince Felipe. He had been with him for several months and suddenly, after the famous dinner of princely rendez vous, he disappeared as if by magic, without leaving a trace. So impressive has been the volatilization of this good man that the North American company that manages the television series of the same name has thought to take it to one of its successful chapters.

If he leaves the Spanish Royal House, of course. All the comrades, friends of the journalist turned into a princess, starting with her television mentor, Mr. Urdaci, who, in addition to remaining unknown since then the old crack of the TVE news, Mr.

Urdaci, after almost three years of media blackout has reappeared in certain programs trash but only with the aim of letting us see with absolute clarity that ideological limps , seem to have become stupid because they only remember, when some astute paparazzi manages to find one of they, the intelligent, beautiful, elegant and hardworking that was his old friend or collaborator.

The royal wedding of May 22, , transfer and stay in Madrid of almost 20, police officers, civil guards and soldiers exceeds 20 million euros more than 3, million pesetas ; to which it is necessary to add, trips, invitations, hotels, banquet, decoration of the Royal Palace, works in the cathedral of La Almudena, rent of the plane Awacs of NATO, that protected us all the Spaniards during a few hours of the dangerous fleet of the Taliban … etc.

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