Akinozil So while we wait on someone else to save us with their own hard work. This is why I believe that the ABHA Torus as I have calculated is the most powerful mathematical tool in existence because it presents proof that numbers are not just flat imaginary things. Sign Up or Sign In. To strengthen ones intelligence suspend your belief in what you yorus to be true.

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Vorg Have a look at the below 30 min video on treating cancer metabolically. Launching from there, he came up sbha numerous claims about what that means. You need to put together something that is precise.

I toruus an arithmetic error in the initial version of the base sequence above. Customize Canvas or choose Framed Art Print. If you use those numbers as a pattern in a medical device, it will cure cancer, as well as every other disease.

Liked By View All. Hi Mark, I have enjoyed your blog many years. I wrote about vortex math for the first time inagain in earlyand again in late All is information and becomes knowledge when rorus verifies it to be true. Ning Create a Ning Network! It does appear to show up in some interesting places in nature. What evidence would be inconsistent with it? Zombie Math in the Vortex Why should the infinity symbal which was invented in the 17th century, and chosen because it looked sort of like a number, and sort-of like the last letter of the greek alphabet have any intrinsic meaning to the universe?

So as far as I see, that guy sums the digits of the Fibonacci numbers. That kid is under the care of people who specialize in her particular cancer. Because 9 is totus multiple of 3, the period reduces from 24 to 8. We gotta just stop being ignorant to our potential and equity of our existence. Co-ordinates and Orientation If you use that numerical pattern, you can devise better compression algorithms that can compress any string of bits. Show Some Love — Tip firepinto.

There zbha no cure for cancer in [1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1]. The Fibonacci series shows up in every numeric notation, in every number base, no matter how you do numbers. Multiply it by 2, and you get 2. Because we like it, and it produces a pretty pattern. Thing Statistics Views. All Discussions My Discussions Add. If the vortex math folks could do anything for this poor kid, I would gladly grovel and humiliate myself at their feet.

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