This sutra is very handy in calculating squares of numbers near lesser to powers of 10 For instance in computing the square of 98 we go through the following steps: 1. The nearest power of 10 to 98 is Therefore, let us take as our base. Since 98 is 2 less than , we call 2 as the deficiency. Decrease the given number further by an amount equal to the deficiency.

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The factors of the sum is equal to the sum of the factors Criticism[edit] Tirthaji claimed that he found the sutras after years of studying the Vedas, a set of sacred ancient Hindu scriptures. When challenged by Professor K. Shukla to point out the sutras in question in the Parishishta of the Atharvaveda, Shukla reported that the Tirthaji said the sixteen sutras were not included in standard editions of the Parishishta and that they occurred in his own Parishishta and not any other.

For example, multiple techniques in the book involve the use of decimal fractions, which were not known during the Vedic times: even the works of later mathematicians such as Aryabhata, Brahmagupta and Bhaskara do not contain any decimal fractions. He contends that Tirthaji liberally interpreted three-word Sanskrit phrases to associate them with arithmetic. A number of academics and mathematicians have opposed these attempts on the basis that the techniques mentioned in the book are simply arithmetic tricks, and not mathematics.

They also criticized the move as a saffronization attempt to promote religious majoritarianism. As pedagogic tools, the methods are useful because they invite students to deal with strategies. Dani December Originally published as a 2-part article in Frontline, 22 October and 5 November The updated version appears in Kandasamy and Smarandache Vasantha Kandasamy; Florentin Smarandache December American Research Press. Thakur 1 November Vedic Mathematics. Unicorn and Dragon Books.

ISBN Retrieved 23 May Hartosh Singh Bal. Open Magazine. The Hindu, 14 August The Hindu. Retrieved 4 January


25+ Vedic Maths Tricks In Simplified Version

Explaining various techniques of the mental calculation system, the book is focused on the concept of Vedic Maths as a subject. The book retains typescripts that were written by him and has seen many reprints ever since the s. Being a series of ancient Hindu texts with sacred value, the Vedas have to be studied deeply in order to find the sutras they conceal. The sutras are sixteen in total and occur in the Parishishta in any order. These are contained in the Vedic Ganit: The Original Vedic Mathematics, with each of the sixteen sutras representing and detailing a specific technique for mental calculation. The book makes use of three-word phrases from the Sanskrit language to form an association with the elements of arithmetic. According to the author, the sutras mentioned in the book bear relevance to advanced techniques from mathematics like analytical conics and successive differentiation.


Vedic Maths: Easy 16 Sutra to Solve the Complex Mathematics Problems

The purpose of this Newsletter is to provide information about developments in education and research and books, articles, courses, talks etc. If you are working with Vedic Mathematics - teaching it or doing research - please contact us and let us include you and some description of your work in the Newsletter. Perhaps you would like to submit an article for inclusion in a later issue or tell us about a course or talk you will be giving or have given. If you are learning Vedic Maths, let us know how you are getting on and what you think of this system. I have taught Vedic mathematics for almost twenty years at an independent school in London. Our associate schools also teach Vedic mathematics. Both teachers and students have found Vedic mathematics of great benefit because it has so many positive qualities.


16 Sutras Of Vedic Maths Pdf

If you are not aware of the benefits offered by the Vedic maths then, you can check all of them below. We have compiled the list of advantages of learning Vedic maths formulas. The tricks and the sutras used in the Vedic Maths are profound which makes it simpler in learning. Helps in Cross-Checking Cross-checking the Maths paper becomes difficult because of the complex calculations but once you are habitual of using Vedic Maths tricks you will be able to cross check the solutions in minimal time. Enhance Logical Thinking One of the most beneficial benefits of using Vedic Maths trick is that it enriches the logical thinking and understanding the Maths problems.

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