Book Lists Carole Mortimer Carole Mortimer was born on in a village in England that she claims was so small that "if you blinked as you drove through it you could miss seeing it completely! With a family formed by six children with 22 years of difference between the first-born and the unexpected youngest child , they live "in a most beautiful part of Britain" with a menagerie of pets, including a dog acquired several years ago in Canada, which is actually half-coyote! Instead, she went on to work in the computer department of a well-known stationery company. During her time there, Carole made her first attempt at writing a novel for Mills and Boon. Her strong, traditional romances, with their distinct style, brilliantly developed characters and romantic plot twists, have earned her an enthusiastic audience worldwide.

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Dec 04, Jenny rated it liked it Our heroine Bryn was in love with Gabriel until he sent her thief bastard father to prison. OMG what a hero! He never treated Bryn badly, in fact he treated her like a queen. He loved her adored her and no matter how hard she pushed him away he was there for her. What a gentleman! My only complain is Our heroine Bryn was in love with Gabriel until he sent her thief bastard father to prison.

My only complain is that in typical CM style hero and heroine never consummated their love and that left a bitter taste in my mouth! I really wanted to read about their first time together! He cared and showed it from the first page. He took all the stubbornness she had to give and kept at her, knowing she was what he wanted.

Half the book was in his POV which I liked very much. Almost as much as him doing One of the best Modern books ever. Almost as much as him doing all the chasing. I admit though, that the heroine was a little on the TSTL side. I had no idea why she was being so stubborn, but I guess the author need to create a story.

I overlooked that though, because the hero was unconventional for an HP, and his character made my day - and my reading experience. Thanks Carole Mortimer, for a great story. Also, who the fuck wears a see-through top and no bra to what is essentially a job interview? The writing seem choppy at times. It was hard to believe that the hero had been pining for the heroine for five long years. She acted like a windup toy who string had been pulled. Why does her status matter to him?

Still, I will probably reread this book at some point since I now own it and I will try to keep an open mind. The storyline itself is very interesting to me. I love a hero who is more emotionally invested than the h. Plus there are no hidden pregnancies, ex girlfriends, revenge plots, or wicked relatives.


A bargain with the enemy

She was entering the enemy campagain! Bryn realised with a frown as she paused outside on the pavement to look up at the marble frontispiece of the biggest and the best of the privately owned galleries and auction houses in London, the name Archangel in large gold italics glittering in the sunlight above the wide glass entrance doors. Doors that swung open automatically as she stepped forward before walking purposefully into the high-ceilinged entrance hall. Purposefully, because this really was the enemy camp as far as Bryn was concerned. She had to focus on the fact that the past two years of rejection from gallery after gallery were what had brought her to this desperate moment.


Carole Mortimer



A Bargain with the Enemy




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